At the time of the Hay Festival appearance (May last year) there were enthusiastic reporters claiming that McNab had “dropped the mask” and though months later we still have to see the evidence in the form of pictures for that fact, we now know that McNab actually has become a Mask.

Let me explain.

A man called John Joe “Ash” Amador, a 30-year-old American, was executed last month in Huntsville, Texas. He went to his death, still protesting his innocence. Before his death (obviously) he got in touch Nick Reynolds, “harmonica player with the Alabama 3, former Royal Navy diver during the Falklands war, son of Bruce, the great train robber, and, most relevantly, a sculptor who specialises in death masks.” Mr Reynolds suggested making a mask, so that the person whom the Texas justice system was about to snuff out would have a sort of life after death.

This mask will get exposure in an exhibition planned for the new year in London’s East End, as well as some of Reynolds’ masks of the living, “including a rogues’ gallery of villains such as “Mad” Frank Fraser, Freddie Foreman, Peter Scott, and his father, Bruce, plus that of Andy McNab, the bestselling author of Bravo Two Zero.” The exhibition will be called – in light of the numbers of those executed in Texas – 402 and Rising.

Now I don’t know if everyone would agree with me but I’m d**m happy about the ‘plus’ there – it somewhat separates McNab from the villains mentioned.

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Andy McNab trains Al Pacino for Heat movieOk, Heat isn’t exactly present news.. but..on a website I found the scene with the “famous-at-least-by-any-decent-McNab-fan” shootout – though provided by YouTube – but with a nice analysis. So if you don’t have the DVD at hand but like to watch one of the scenes in the movie, described on mentioned website as “it is, in fact, the realistic nature of the scene that gives it much of its power. It was supervised by former SAS sergeant Andy McNab, who gave the cast weapons and tactics training, so don’t fuck with Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Val Kilmer or Tom Sizemore in a firefight.” Visit the site here.

Another article mentioning Andy McNab I read today was on a ‘money expert’ site – using the nabbing of McNabs laptop as a warning to be well insured. I quote them: “Pretty much all home contents insurance policies will cover possessions left in the car when the car is parked at home. But that doesn’t always extend to times when you’re at the shops or at work. Andy McNab had popped to the newsagent so might struggle to cover the loss of his laptop.”

McNab himself said about the movie Heat: “I wondered how much the insurance would be to get these very expensive actors together firing live ammunition inches from each other.”

None of the expensive actors died working on that movie as far as I know, so I think – with a possible present claim on insurance for a stolen laptop – the insurance company might give Andy some slack here? 😉


Andy McNab HRH KidnapLooking at the most downloaded Fiction audiobooks on iTunes UK we find:

1. HRH Kidnap (renamed Royal Kidnap) by Andy McNab

2. Iraq Ambush by Andy McNab

Well done!! Now lets see what the new story called “Roadside Bomb” will do.


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A daring dawn raid led by the British Special Boat Service in western Afghanistan yesterday resulted in the rescue of two Italian hostages from Taliban hands and the death of nine of the kidnappers.

The multinational rescue team ambushed the convoy transporting the hostages, and after a fierce gun fight nine of the Taliban lay dead while one hostage was wounded.

As usual, the SAS got credit for this SBS action, at least in the Italian press.

Read the full story at the Times Online.


Though I feel the mass media about Madeleine is getting close to the edge of risking a “fatigue” of readers, it’s still very much desired the truth comes out. As in all similar cases btw, who do not get this kind of media attention. So there you go:

McCann family asked to Control Risk Group to replace Police in the search for Madeleine

A private security company, paid with money donated by Brian Kennedy, a British businessmen, has send a team to Portugal “to do the work that the Portuguese have failed to do”, according to the Daily Mail. Gerry and Kate have asked the company, founded by former Special Air Services soldiers, to send a team of “search and rescue experts” from CRG to “launch an investigation independent of the Portuguese police. Madeleine’s parents believe detectives have failed to follow up dozens of crucial leads and have told friends that the advice and logistical support from CRG is worth the huge overheads.”

Private investigators working in this kind of cases is a crime, according to Portuguese Law. The Daily Mail refers that Control Risk Group has been working with the McCanns since several weeks, and a team of specialists from the company has been working in Portuguese territory, following several leads that the McCanns believe Portuguese Police hasn’t give enough attention. Other team is following leads about the sighting of of Madeleine McCann at a gas station, wrote the Daily Mail.

Portuguese Intelligence services, “Serviços de Informações e Segurança” (SIS) have been monitoring closely, suspect “movements around the main points where the investigation is going on”. The McCanns are in constant contact with senior representatives of the company, according to a source close to the family”, quoted by Daily Mail. Gerry and Kate turned to the private group, which is based in London and has “high-profile connections to the Foreign Office”, after “Portuguese police began to move their attentions away from the search for Madeleine.”

Most of the 600 employees of CRG are former members of British Special forces. “CRG declined to comment”

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