McNab for pseudonym “all it was is that it fit on a book cover”

Clever me I found an upcoming interview with Andy – with answers and all, unfortunately he doesn’t tell us the lucky  numbers for that week. Ok, a bit lame, just that the interview says ‘3 Nov 2007″ so either it was published too soon or they just f*cked up with the date. Right, too much gobbledygook, just give us the interview.
A few snippits…

Miranda Likeman spoke to McNab about who wants to kill him, resisting torture and how to shit in a plastic bag.

Just what terrorist groups to date want you dead?
Just the IRA. Well, workwise I got involved in a job with the  Khymer Rouge , spent some time in Columbia with trying to stop drugs flooding into the United States; got involved in some remnants of the African wars.

What training did you receive in order to resist interrogation?
Quite a lot, but it’s not about resisting. All they can do is prepare you physically to a certain extent, but they can’t go all the way otherwise they have loads of soldiers in hospital. They can’t teach you resistance techniques, but the techniques they use so you can start to recognise things, so you know the mechanics. Every country has got interrogation centres where you get arrested and go through the system.

More importantly, you should listen to other people’s experiences. If there is anything that gets you through, you should use it. For me there was an American Phantom Pilot in the Vietnam war who had six years in solitary confinement, and every bone in his body was broken, he had to self heal, he was continually tortured – the Americans said he was dead… his cell was three paces by two paces long – and after 6 years he got out. He is still alive I think – he is a tree hugger in Hawaii. He said you can’t do anything to resist the interrogation bit, the more aggressive you get, they just bring in more guns. All you can do is keep the integrity of the mind. In his head he built his own house, would decorate it, walk with his imaginary children – he had children but didn’t know how big they were – take them to the park, and that’s what got him through.

So it was that pilot. I just kept thinking of him really. These days I do talks to the military and FBI in the States about my experiences so they can be used. Whatever helps you. American prisoners, you can get them going just by pissing on the flag, because culturally, that’s an emotive thing whereas Brits want to join in. And there is a cultural thing the Brits haven’t got, I’m used to being cold, wet and hungry – a US Marine Pilot is out for two hours and then back on the carrier shooting hoops and eating donuts.

How does one learn to shit into a plastic bag?
You squat. So many cultures don’t even dream of using toilet paper either. The secret is to hold your trousers forward when you are squatting so you don’t get shit on your pants.

You say you are not afraid of dying, but are you afraid of anything else?
No, but not in that bravado way ‘I’m not scared of anything’. I just simply don’t care. Sometimes people think that is a problem, that I should care about this and that, but I don’t.

Apart from Heat, which you worked on, are there any mainstream movies you think accurately depict war or the SAS accurately?
Black Hawk Down. There is an Australian one called The Odd Angry Shot that is really good. A young guy joins with all of these aspirations and the old corporal who has seen it all before, that sort of thing. It’s more about the people rather than the contact, which makes it more interesting

How do you feel about how some events recounted in Bravo Two Zero have being debunked as complete fabrications? 
In the beginning, I was quite pissed off about it. But now I understand how the business works, I know the more it’s talked about, the more people buy the book

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Apparently this is just part 1, we’ll watch out for part 2. 

I’m not sure who the POW is that Andy talks about, though I’ve heard the story before. If anyone can come up with a name I’ll link to the good man, I’ve got a soft spot for tree huggers.