Andy McNab 1977This picture was contributed by Ali, thank you!

It shows Andy at Shorncliffe with his fellow cadets (1977)


Patricia MacBride, sister of deceased IRA operative Tony McBride, has been appointed to serve as a Victims’ Commissioner in Northern Ireland.

Tony MacBride was one of the IRA members killed by Andy McNab and co. after attempting to detonate explosives outside a County Fermanagh restaurant on 2 December 1984. SAS soldier Lance Corporal Alistair Slater, from Leicestershire, was murdered by the IRA in the same gun battle, as documented in Immediate Action.

It seems to Grey Man’s Land that Slater’s family should be the ones speaking for victims, but oh, well.  No response from Andy yet on this appointment.


Sick of the Randy McFab plugs? Suck it up, buddy, ‘cuz they ain’t gonna stop anytime soon! Randy McFab buys a gun in Arms and the Armed Man.


Army Combat UniformThe U.S. Army, a.k.a. THE Army, made a bold fashion statement this month by setting an official wear-out date for the venerable Battle Dress Uniform and its many variations.

As of 30 April, soldiers in the active Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve will have to give up the BDU in favor of the Army Combat Uniform (pictured at left) introduced in 2004.

While the ACU has its detractors, due mainly to durability issues, the Army is addressing this problem by re-stitching millions of uniforms and feels the ACU will not only function effectively in any environment but will even provide savings in time and money to soldiers due to its always-pressed appearance and stitch-less patch attachments.

Along with the BDU, other items getting the 30 April shit-can treatment include:

  • Brown T-shirt
  • Black leather combat boots
  • Woodland and desert camouflage pattern caps
  • Olive drab green name tape and U.S. Army tape
  • Subdued olive green shoulder sleeve insignia and subdued combat patches
  • Black rigger belt
  • Web belt with open-faced black buckle
  • Green and black jungle boots
  • Beginning 30 September, 2009, active, Guard and Reserve soldiers also must stop wearing the black knit cap and black micro fleece knit cap. The woodland camouflage field jacket will have a wear-out date of 30 September, 2010.


Andy McNab by FHM MagazineGreat article in FHM Magazine this month. Gary Curtis was so kind to send it to Greymansland. Thanx!!

In the article Andy visits Iraq again, meets up with old acquaintances at the 4 Rifle’s camp and assures us that the weapons issued to the military are definitely not ‘crappy’ – like the media wants us to believe.

In fact he calls them ‘stunning’.

We also learn that SAS sign lingo can be used in non-combat situations, too; For example.. the sign for “Target has a shotgun” could in civilian live be translated as “I suggest you resort to other pleasures this evening”. Right.

I give you a little preview.

Full article in FHM Magazine, but we’ll keep a copy in our archive should you want to read more.

“By first light, we’ve reached the border. Stretching into the distance is the 1,400 km-long, thin red line dividing Iraq and Iran. Just a few kilometres away, tucked away in the desert, are 40,000 Iranian troops – primed to attack the region’s British troops contingent if George Bush decides to start bombing Tehran. It hits me: there’s no place on Earth that’s more dangerous, hostile, unsympathetic, or politically knife-edged than where I’m standing right now. And for two days, I’m accompanying our boys as they police it. But it gets worse. Two million soldiers fought each other here during the Iran/Iraq war back in the ‘80s; about 500,000 of them were killed as a result. Thousands of mines are still scattered about. So when we get down from the Bulldog transport vehicle, I make sure I step only where the Bulldog’s tracks have cleared the ground. And that’s when I make my first pleasant discovery. In the deep furrows, sticking out of the sand, is unmistakably a human thighbone. And again, I wonder why the hell am I here.

Two days previously, I’d been thinking much the same thing. I was sitting in the back of a blacked-out C130 Hercules, with my body armour and helmet on, as we flew low and fast towards Basra. I’d been an infantry soldier for eight years, followed by ten in the SAS. But did I really want to go back to Iraq to join a bunch of squaddies, getting bombed and shot at? And just for FHM?

Too late now: as the Hercules lands at the COB (Contingency Operations Base) at Basra Airport, and the aircraft’s ramp opens up, I feel the heat from the engine’s exhaust wash over me, and smell the familiar smell of aviation fuel. And truth be told, it feels good to be back.”


“Andy McNab stormed the Big Brother house — and took sleeping Amy and Anthony straight from their beds.

The kidnapped pair were bundled into vans with no clue where they were heading.

But five emotional hours later, they re-entered the Big Brother house — and one of them was £5,000 richer.

The Sun went behind the scenes to catch the ex-commando, Andy McNab, and here he exclusively reveals how the two housemates handled their ordeal.”

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