According to SASR sources, special forces troopers are not happy with the footwear they’ve been issued, particularly when it comes to the rugged conditions operators face in Afghanistan.

Apparently, the issue boots lack the heel support and other features necessary to stand up to the punishment they’re put through, and as usual that leaves the soldiers buying kit on their own.

With a pair of proper go-fasters costing upwards of $200 U.S., it’s a good thing the MOD is looking into the matter and hiring consultants to help find a better design.  Hopefully this will end up being one less piece of kit the troopers have to purchase for themselves.


One remarkable thing about the Celebrity Hijack is ‘Andy’s team of two men storming the Big Brother house’: while there’s no question about the big guy who’s doing the shouting, the second ‘guy’ is obviously.. female. The first and only SAS lady?

Who is she? 😉


Andy Big BrotherLots of videos of the hijack on the official Big Brother site, here you can watch Andy introduce himself.

Also The Sun writes another article: 

Amy & Ant are McNabbed

The Sun: “Housemates Amy and Anthony were snatched from the Big Brother house by a SAS squad led by Iraq hero Andy McNab on Saturday morning.

The Sun security adviser, wearing a black balaclava to hide his identity, entered the BB compound through the gym before storming the bedroom, screaming at everyone to put their hands on their heads.

The housemates were clearly too sleepy to take the raid entirely seriously. When McNab asked Latoya what she was doing in the house, she cheekily replied: “Sleeping!” and John told the commandos his name was David.

But the smiles were wiped off the contestants’ faces when Amy and Anthony were plucked from the bedroom and forced to wear soundproof headphones and blacked-out goggles.

McNab then told the remaining housemates that his prisoners would be taken to separate locations where they will be interrogated. Everyone was given a codeword earlier this week and the first prisoner to give theirs up is in for a shock, while the tight-lipped one is in for a treat.

The stunt is a bid to boost viewing figures, which have slumped below 900,000. But if anything goes wrong, Big Brother could be in trouble.”


There’s been some disagreement here regarding where the student or researcher will find the best info on Andy McNab, so I thought I should clear it up.

For the most accurate, 100% vetted information, go to Andy McNab’s Official Website.

For more information, some of which may be provided by ex-SAS members who may or may not have a personal agenda–plus info on related topics like other special forces and the latest news, our site is a good choice.

If you’re looking for info on the SAS in general, I’d start with a site like Wikipedia but I would read books and better yet meet some real ex-SAS blokes for the inside stuff.

We don’t compete with the ‘Andy McNab Official Website’, we complement it.  If you can’t find the answer with either of these sites, you’ll probably have to meet Andy personally to get what you want!


Celebrity Hijack: Housemates to face kidnap ordeal – SAS hero Andy McNab will abduct Big Brother housemates and try to “break” them under tough interrogation in the most controversial reality TV stunt yet.

Sun security adviser Andy McNab, who led the famous Bravo Two Zero patrol in the Gulf War, will stage a special forces-style raid on February 12, at 5am.

The ex-SAS sergeant will storm in with a team of former comrades. Contestants will be dragged from their beds, blindfolded, bundled into a van and driven away.

They will then be interrogated to make them betray their fellow housemates by divulging secrets.

Victims will be manhandled, forced into stress positions, denied sleep, isolated from each other and subjected to sensory deprivation.

The stunt is a bid to boost viewing figures, which have slumped below 900,000. But if anything goes wrong, Big Brother could be in trouble.

The Celebrity BB format was changed this year to Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack to avoid controversy like the Shilpa Shetty racism row.

In the new show — on digital channel E4 — celebs take turns to play the role of Big Brother.

Bosses, nervous in case traumatised housemates sue, only allowed the McNab plan after makers Endemol promised he will not go too far.

Andy, 48, knows how unpleasant a grilling can be. After being captured in Iraq he was tortured for weeks.

He said: “The idea is to make them really believe the guys and I have taken over, the fun has stopped.

“That means taking them out of their comfort zones. Fear of the unknown is powerful. They’ll have trouble remembering this is a TV show.”

The ordeal will be shown live in the house. And if they spill the beans, other contestants will suffer.

Yesterday housemates were asked to volunteer for a special task. They know nothing more — apart from being reassured they will be safe.

But hardman Andy warned: “Big Brother asked me to do a job and I’m not bothered about the consequences.”

Go here for the article in The Sun 


For those of you tired of searching Google, Yahoo, etc., and being inundated with paid rankings…Wikia Search is here. It’s a community-driven search engine, meaning they don’t rank results based on the highest bidder, and they don’t count results from link farms (which is how Andy’s official site beat us in Google rankings).

I often get emails from students researching McNab who went to the “official” site and found no real information and no up-to-date news–and yet Google ranks them above us.

I’m sure Andy’s people (and others) will find a way to cheat this new system as well, but for now I implore you to use Wikia Search to get real results.