An article on the Sky News website and a 40 sec audio clip with Andy being interviewed about being offered footage of Prince Harry.


Andy McNab: “It’s unfortunate that the story has broken before the end of his tour”

Apparently the website Drudge Report has revealed “the  best kept editorial secret of recent times”: The 23-year-old Household Cavalry officer has spent the past 10 weeks secretly serving in war-ravaged Helmand Province.

The deployment had been cloaked in secrecy under a news blackout deal agreed across the UK media to prevent details reaching the Taliban and endangering Harry and his comrades.

Andy McNab said he believed the Taliban would have been aware of Harry’s presence in Afghanistan even before today’s revelation.

Mr McNab said he had been offered amateur video footage of the Prince in theatre as early as January.

He told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme: “I think by now, and even before that, the Taliban were aware he was in country. Myself, in January I was being offered home-made video of him in country.”

Mr McNab added: “At the end of the day, he is a soldier, he has been serving with his battle-group, the battle-group understand the situation. That’s what they do – they fight wars. He should stay… “He should be there and he should be doing his job and he wants to do it. I don’t think there is any heightened risk.”

You can ‘Listgen again’ to the BBC Radio 4’s PM show here Andy’s comment starts in the  39th  minute of the show

You can read a full article in the Daily Post


No, not DTO.  Different Dave.


Lieutenant-Colonel John ‘Jock’ Woodhouse joined the Special Air Service Regiment in 1950 and saw active service in Malaya before returning to command the 22nd SAS Regiment in Hereford.

During his period with the SAS the then Major Woodhouse was responsible for introducing what became known as ‘selection course’ in 1952 which is now reputed to be one of the most demanding military training courses in the world. Before that troopers had earned their credentials in the field.

Lt-Col Woodhouse retired in 1965 after a distinguished military career.

His funeral will be held tomorrow at St Andrew’s Church, Bingham’s Melcombe, for which family flowers only are requested.

A memorial service is planned and those wishing to make a donation should do so to the British Red Cross Society.

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“basic analysis of a few simple facts show these claims don’t stack up”

The Sun writes: “THE BBC is to accuse the most highly decorated battalion in the Army of torturing and executing six Iraqi prisoners in cold blood.”

“The accusations, to be aired on Monday, have caused fury among top brass who believe they were fabricated by militants to embarrass the British Government.”

“A BBC spokesman insisted the programme was still under discussion, adding: “We are examining a range of things.”

Andy McNab wrote a comment:Lies will kill

“IT is no surprise that fanatical terrorists want to besmirch Our Boys’ excellent name.

What IS shocking is the BBC self-proclaimed paragons of truth are so ready to believe them.

Even a basic analysis of a few simple facts show these claims don’t stack up, unless hundreds of British soldiers have conspired to lie and coopt the International Red Cross into it too.

So why would Panorama do it? Because it makes them sound like clever journalists.

They know the Army will find it very hard to disprove a negative. I know guys in this battalion and it is inconceivable any could stoop to murder.

More worryingly, these claims could directly increase the threat to our troops on the front line.

Throwing mud at soldiers who don’t deserve it is one thing. Getting them killed just to make sensational telly is despicable.”

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