Andy writes his one of his ‘security advisor’ columns in The Sun today:  

I’m gutted for Prince Harry.

I really feel for the fella as reports from the front line were that he’d been doing a sensational job.

Harry was laying low, doing the thing he cared about — fighting for his country.

I know the British media shook hands and made a gentleman’s agreement to let the Prince do his job in privacy.

But the foreign press who leaked his tour of duty have now blown Harry’s chances out of the water.

I have no doubt he will now be withdrawn on the basis of a heightened security risk to his fellow soldiers.

I doubt his comrades give a damn about any potential added risk as Harry will be like family to them.

They are professional soldiers who get shot at every day anyway.

It’s hard to add risk to an already life-and-death situation.

But it puts Harry in an impossible situation. He will feel compelled to leave due to this perceived danger.

Yet all he wants to do is be a soldier out there and he was doing a sterling job.

There’s a huge respect for Harry among British forces there. This leak has now thrown a potential hand- grenade into his career.