From the BBC’s Press Office: A Week Of Anger

Monday 19 to Friday 23 May
3.30-3.45pm BBC RADIO 4

Anger. The word conjures up a range of images, associations and expectations. Most of those have some pejorative sense, but that’s not the entire picture. Think of righteous anger or the anger of those who want to correct injustice or change the world they live in. Anger can wreck and destroy – but it can also be a creative and constructive emotion.

Across five days A Week Of Anger explores the nature and impact of this emotion. Oliver James, author of Affluenza and The Selfish Capitalist, starts the series off with an overview – Look Forward In Anger – describing and illuminating the nature of anger.

Over the following four days an array of writers from a range of backgrounds shed light on an aspect of the emotion in a mix of fiction, memoir and thought pieces.

“Andy McNab’s Kinetic” goes into battle, where geopolitical anger is reduced to man against man. This will be the 2nd episode, on 20 May.

Other guests are Oliver James, Martina Cole, Charlie Falconer and Joanna Briscoe.


Yesterday Andy was a guest on the radio show “Saturday Live”. The show had been broadcasted before – at the time Meltdown came out “10 days ago”. I suppose it gives new meaning to the word ‘Live’, but there’s is still news: “Andy McNabs Kinetic”. I’ll write about that in a new post. It’s great to hear another interview and I have to say the years of experience in interviews shows, he gets better and better. Or more relaxed I’d say.

You can use the Listen Again feature to hear the interview. Enjoy.


From HoldtheFrontpage by Patrick Astill

“The Hereford Times has won a court challenge to name a high ranking SAS soldier facing assault charges.

The banning order was imposed at an earlier hearing and challenged by the Hereford Times as unlawful.”

Read this article here


Fighting elites – SAS Down Under, showing June 3rd on National Geographic at 9:00pm

“Since its conception in 1955, New Zealand’s elite special forces, the NZ SAS, have been shrouded in mystery.

Now with three years exclusive access, we get under the skin of this organisation. From parachuting and marksmanship to infiltration and survival techniques, follow patrols as they undergo arduous tasks in some of the most inhospitable terrain.

We also follow a new intake of troopers facing a gruelling training regime that only 10% will complete. Footage from the subzero temperatures of the Southern Alps and the battlegrounds of Afghanistan reveals the truth about one of the world’s most revered fighting units.

Follow 50 young hopefuls as they undergo months of gruelling training to turn them from raw recruits into highly-skilled troopers, ready to join the ‘Global War On Terror’ at a moments notice.”

Read the article here


The Circuit by Bob SheperdCamban:

“When a twenty year veteran of the SAS and a highly experienced private security contractor takes the trouble to shatter a few misconceptions we should all pay close attention and prepare to have our illusions dissolved.

Yes, it’s that bad out there.

We can never again view the supposed bad guys and good guys with our long held assumptions. He has harsh words to say about the situations and personnel in Israel/Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and surprisingly, some new insight into the Bravo Two Zero mission with which he was involved (the book is dedicated to Vince Phillips, A Soldier). However, his most scathing criticism is reserved for the private security industry and shocking it is too. A very disturbing book revealing that nothing out there in the hostile parts of the world are quite as we assume, or are led to assume.

A must read publication if ever there was one.”

Thank you Cam !


The Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival held in Harrogate is now Europe’s biggest crime writing event.

The Festival is a four-day event held annually bringing together the very best in crime fiction together, in a series of events, interviews, and panel sessions.

“Among the highlights announced this year is a special appearance by reclusive bestseller Andy McNab.”

The Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival will take place in Harrogate from 17 – 20 July 2008.

On Saturday 19th July at 8.30pm Andy will be interviewed by Laura Wilson.