We got sent an article written by Andy that appeared in one of the papers a little while ago, thanks! I’m splitting it up in parts – since I have to re-type it here.

I’ve just had one of those ‘weird coincidence’ moments.

I was at a friend’s party and got introduced to Alastair Campbell. I had literally just come from a film production meeting where I had been talking about him. I must have conjured him up.

I am planning to co-produce a film in which a government PR figure lead his prime minister down a particular path with devastating results. There is no resemblance to anyone living, of course, and I tried to tell him this, but I think he was too excited by the train journey he had just had. He had just returned from a day trip to Paris on Eurostar, and couldn’t stop singing the praises of its new terminal at St Pancras.

He also told me someone had just bid 50,000 GBP to charity to have their name appear in his next book.

I stupidly mentioned that I got 100,000 GBP to have someone’s name appear in one of my thrillers.

Judging by the look in his eye, I thought I might soon be needing the services of the charity my 100K went to – the Red Cross.

Love it. Andy is doing well selling characters in his book. The 100k was spent by Basma to appear in Crossfire. Great character to be, think she got her moneys worth and made the Red Cross happy at the same time. I also learned that the writer Hari Kunzru (The Impressionist, Transmission and My Revolutions) donated to a good cause to have his name split up in the characters Hari and Kunzru in Aggressor, who were described as ‘fucks who can’t even tie their own shoe laces’. I hope he was happy too. Of course I’m not complaining with ‘my’ name for free in Remote Control and also got in The Grey Man – allthough the first was a male character and the latter pure coincidence. Ah well.. that’s minor details, at least in my imagination. Who will be in Brute Force is still a surprise, we’ll see about that in a few months. With over 40% of female writers and given Nick Stone’s popularity with them I think some cause could very well auction Nicks new lover – there may be some girls who are prepared to digg into their savings accounts to have their name honoured that way. 😉


Andy McNab on Amazon

On the Amazon site is a small clip of Andy where he talks about his non-fiction novel “Seven Troop”

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Andy McNab Brute Force Book


The restrictive rules of engagement in Afghanistan mean the coalition’s tactics are unlikely to succeed, according to Andy McNab.

The SAS veteran, one of the highest-decorated soldiers in the history of the British army, explained that Taliban tactics and the diplomatic intent of the missions in Afghanistan mean it is difficult for Nato or US-led coalition forces to break through.

Coalition operations have been underway in Afghanistan since late 2001 – following the September 11th terrorist attacks – but show little sign of stopping, with a number of combat troops transferred from Iraq and regular activity involving US troops on the Pakistani border.

“What happens is that civilians are mixed in with Taliban, whether they like it or not, because the Taliban use them as a sort of human armour, so there is what’s labelled as collateral damage,” he told inthenews.co.uk.

“The rules of engagement are quite restrictive because of that. The idea of being out there is to get the civilians on side, to get rid of the Taliban, so if you start killing them, that ain’t gonna happen.”

He argued that the coalition may be able to “keep the locals on side” by allowing the poppy trade – responsible for much of the world’s heroin production – to operate.

However, according to the Bravo Two Zero author, a fundamental problem with the coalition operations in Afghanistan is that the campaign is not technically military in its nature.

“If it was purely military, you could just send in the B52s and just flatten ’em, but that’s not going to happen, “he added.

Visit inthenews.co.uk again for a full interview with Andy McNab


Andy in Q MagazineHere’s Andy in Q Magazine this year.

The article is called ‘Andy McNab’s Festival Survival Guide’… “How to best make it through the physical assault course that is our musical summer in one piece”.

The article itself is on Yahoo but here is the photo. Contributed by Ali. Thanks!!



There’s another Newsletter! This time Andy tells us that Seven Troop can be downloaded as an e-book to your mobile phone. He gives away 2 free chapters which you can download from a test site. The newsletter says ‘the first 2 chapters’ but I only got one… of the audio book. Maybe that is me not getting this new technology?? Anyway, Andy narrated the audiobook himself so I am not complaining!

[edit Lynn: It did work a few days later so I managed to download the 2 free chapters of the e-book]

He also writes that he just got back from Afghanistan and that a Facebook fansite will be launched in the next few days.

Last he writes about running a competition to find ‘the best unsung heroes’.

Andy: “So tell me why your mate is an unsung hero – a single act of heroism, a regular all round good guy or maybe he is the company clown who keeps you laughing when times are tough? – Before Christmas I’m going to pick the best story and you could each win £500 of vouchers to spend on whatever you want on play.com. Can’t be bad! Go to www.McNabHeroes.com

Mmm, I think I’ll pass on that one – not sure my heroes fit the profile of the target group here 😉 Still it will be nice to read the stories that are going to be send in. I wonder if he publishes those??