Inthenews interviewed Andy on the release of the “Tour of Duty” DVD.

Andy McNab on bravery, banter and battalions

Writer of the best-selling war book of all time. The UK’s most highly decorated soldier, and the winner of every decoration bar the Victoria Cross when he left the army. The only author who has to submit his work to the Ministry of Defence for review. A technical weapons advisor on Heat, the greatest crime film ever made.

And as veteran of the Royal Green Jackets and the SAS, the ideal presenter of Tour of Duty, a documentary including gripping first-hand accounts from troops on the front-line, re-enactments, handicam footage and video diaries from our boys on the frontline, as well as explosive real-life footage supplied direct from the MoD.

But quite a scary interviewee as well…

inthenews.co.uk’s Lewis Bazley summons his courage to talk to the former SAS man – whose real name isn’t Andy McNab, of course – ahead of the DVD release of Tour of Duty.

You can read the full article here


Between the Lines published and extract of Andy’s new Nick Stone novel “Brute Force” !! That’s just to make it ‘easier’ to wait until the 7th of November. Cruel!! 😉

Go read it here

And don’t forget to listen to our exclusive interview where we asked Andy about Brute Force too!


Grey Man’s Land asked Andy about Seven Troop, Brute Force and the other projects he’s working on, or any in development.

Andy pleasantly surprised us by replying to our questions on audio!!

Almost half an hour he talks, exclusively for us!!

It’s absolutely great and we LOVE the compliment at the end of the interview. So thank you so much Andy !!



The 6 part series of Tour of Duty is now available on DVD! 

“Using incredible footage shot by soldiers and the Ministry of Defence, dramatic reconstructions and brutally honest interviews with serving squaddies, Andy brings the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan to life and takes an in-depth look at the deadly threats British troops in Basra and Helmand face on a daily basis.

The six-part series looks at how to survive sniper fire, ambushes and sieges, combating guerrilla warfare and what to do if you’re injured and under fire. From weapons and tactics to medical treatment and the chain of command, the series brings viewers extraordinary insights into what life is like for our boys on the front line.”

Andy sells it in his own style on the site, go take a look!

Andy McNab's Tour of Duty DVD 


We’ve send Andy ‘some’ questions about Seven Troop, Brute Force and all the other projects we know about and he’s been great!! He’s answered our questions on audio and I just listened to it.. it’s so… so…. I can’t stop grinning, if that says anything. Allthough that is starting to hurt my face by now – but I love the interview. It’s a pity I’m as technical as the stereotype girl so I’ll have to leave it to Jon to post it. So hurry up love….!!


Last week Friday I got my copy of Seven Troop, at last – and bad luck that it was also a busy week ahead. But I took every little break I had, so finished it in a week. Especially the last 50 pages I found it hard to put down. It’s never boring, of course filled with humour ‘McNab’ style and fast paced.  A bit too fast paced to my liking at times but it’s already over 400 pages, so if I had it my way it would probably have been an unrealistic 800 pages or so.

Somewhat remarkable was that nowhere in the book there is any reference to Andy’s private life, he could have been single all those years. But then it’s not really relevant to the book – and not called ‘private’ for nothing. Besides, it probably takes being a woman that I noticed. Also, the story of the guy leaping the first floor window I’ve heard in different variations but that’s just details.

At the end I found it very moving. A huge part of the book revolves around the mates Andy lost, especially Al, Nish and Frank – but definitely not in the screaming way some articles made you believe. I have not read Nish’ book Freefall but now it’s next on my list and I really want to re-read Franks book Baptism of Fire.

I’m not very good at writing reviews and being a fan it’s hard to write unprejudiced – but I can honestly say that I can’t think of any criticism that I would not write in public. 😉 I really recommend it and got that dual feeling of being glad I finished the book…but being sad that it is.