The new Nick Stone, published November this year, will be called “Exit Wound”!!

Well… it’s the worktitle anyway. (Last years Flashback turned into Brute Force, so who knows.)

No synopsis yet, in fact just the worktitle and when it is supposed to be published – but I must say “Exit Wound” doesn’t sound too promising for Nick!! Need a nurse??? 😉


From The Times February 16, 2009
By Lilly Peel

As an SAS soldier, Andy McNab was used to being thrust into unknown, hostile territory to carry out special operations. Now the author-turned-businessman has set his sights on a new terrain: the burgeoning e-book market. The author of Bravo Two Zero plans to take on heavyweights such as Amazon and Sony to win a slice of the action.

GoSpoken, the audio book company Mr McNab co-founded in 2007, will announce tomorrow that it has struck a deal with Research in Motion (RIM), the maker of the BlackBerry, to supply e-books for its smartphones. Under a deal between RIM, Vodafone and GoSpoken, a GoSpoken e-reader application will be launched for BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Bold handsets for Vodafone customers in the UK. GoSpoken expects to roll the service out to other networks and handset makers soon.
GoSpoken is talking to Nokia about providing the service on their phones, she said. The company has already signed content deals with several book publishers, including Penguin, Random House and HarperCollins. Many titles are already available as audio books to Vodafone and 3 customers in the UK.
GoSpoken, a private company, has received millions in backing from Lord Ashcroft, the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and millionaire businessman, in November last year. GoSpoken has yet to make a profit but Mr McNab believes that the audio and e-book market will continue to grow. “With my evangelical head I think yes, this is going to be huge,” he said, “but the practical head says wait and see how it goes.”

Source: Times Online


If I had to post every article Andy is ‘just’ mentioned I should have to quit my dayjob, but this one I thought was really funny so didn’t want to ignore it.

It’s from Zoe Williams, published in The Guardian:

My baby has taken after me in one respect at least: overnight he seems to have become allergic to the bath

Maybe 10 days ago, T took a violent dislike to the bath. It was weird – one day he considered it, correctly I think, a watery play-park, full of small plastic squirting characters and books about dirty pigs. And the next day he acted like I’d breaded him and dipped him in hot fat. Seriously. He was not just a little bit angry. He was Mr Livid. So I got him straight out. C said he must be having an allergic reaction. That seemed to make sense, until we put him to bed, and thought about it for a while, and said, nobody’s allergic to a bath. That’s not a real allergy. That’s like a playground taunt. You’re allergic to the bath, and your mum wears hobnail boots, and your dad is a homo tied to a tree.

So day two, I put him in the bath, and he went nuts again, and I persisted. When yelling did not have the split-second response he is used to, he tried another tack, which was climbing out of the bath. I have to admit, I was impressed. He looked like Andy McNab, only really small and, of course, naked. Don’t tell me Andy McNab has never been naked in a sticky situation. So I got him out again….

You can find the article in The Guardian here


A while ago I promised to post a part of the diary again, a bit delayed but here it is. And I have to say, Andy’s got a smart wife and I love his friend 😉

For years, my wife has been telling me to take the bus.
Apparently, the No 27 will take me anywhere. Usually, I like to ride my motorbike around the city in the summer, but this year I seem to have spent my time completely drenched.

So I tried the Tube instead, but as we all know, it ain’t that much fun either, with your nose stuck in someone’s sweating armpit. So I decided to give my wife’s idea a go.

Very annoyingly, she’s right. Plus, unlike Boris, I like the bendy buses.
A mate in Bow bought an eglu,

A space-age-looking mini chicken coop that gets delivered to your door complete with two chickens.

He has called his chickens Vindaloo and Korma, but Vindaloo recently developed a lump in her throat and stopped eating and laying. So what did the great urban eco-warrior do? Wring its neck and make a tasty meal for all the family?

No chance. He drove it to the vet, who put it down for £18, and then drove it home again to give it a decent burial in the garden. He could have bought ten precooked chickens at Tesco for that money. 

Or even one small organic one.

Source: Evening Standard


Sharp-eyed GML visitor Susie from Spain has spotted what may well be an error in Seven Troop.  I’ll let her explain in her own words:

I was born in Hereford.
I was taught to drive in a Morgan 4/4 on Bradbury Lines Parade ground.
I made my 1st parachute drop when Pete Sherman was making his 700th.
I went climbing in Symonds Yat with one Taff Evans.
Unless there has been some serious geographical upheaval at some stage of which I was unaware
Then passengers on the Hereford Worcester train passing Bradbury Lines were seriously off route more likely to be heading for Abergavenny.
Does nobody pick up at proof reading stage? It’s a disturbing error in one so competent.

Thanks for writing, Susie.  Can anyone else verify this mistake?


It’s pretty quiet on the McNab front. On the World Wide Web that is – as far as I know but what do I know. I did notice that Amazon has 3 very nice “Tour of Duty” promo clips on their site. On the extended version the interview with Andy is shot by someone with a very unsteady hand, or after a few beers too many. But -of course- definitely worth watching.

Go here to watch the clips