Help For Heroes wristbandHelp for Heroes – The next step – Help The Sun raise £20million

By Tom Newton Dunn – Published:  30 March 2009

The Sun today calls its army of kind-hearted readers into action as we launch a new battle to help Britain’s brave wounded troops.
Our target, with the charity Help for Heroes, is to raise £20MILLION for a network of seven homes where those terribly injured serving their country can start new lives.

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Comment by Andy McNab:
“I AM proud to be a patron of Help for Heroes which is making a positive impact on troops’ lives — but this is just the beginning. These brave men and women will need our support for many years to come.
Your money not only goes towards the big stuff, like a pool and gym at Headley Court. 
It also provides the Troop Aid “Hero Grab Bags” containing washing kit, a T-shirt, underwear, socks and a phone card given to Our Boys and Girls on admission to hospital.
Your donations allow them to leave hospital for an hour for a pie and a pint with loved ones. The money also helps those scarred by post-traumatic stress disorder.
Our troops deserve 21st century care for wounds inflicted by modern warfare. The best way to support them is by giving to H4H.”


Andy McNab to Random Children’s

Random House Children’s Books has signed a two book deal for a young adult adventure series by Andy McNab. Random House bought UK and Commonwealth (excluding Canada) and EU rights from Philippa Milnes-Smith, managing director of LAW agency.

The series, titled Dropzone will launch in Spring 2010 in Doubleday hardback and will draw on McNab’s own experiences of working undercover in the SAS. The series will feature a teenage sky-diving team who undertake secret missions around the globe.

Philippa Dickinson, managing director, said: “There are legions of fans for Andy McNab’s books, adults as well as kids, and I’m delighted that we have this new series for teenagers. By being able to bring his own experience in covert missions to his story-telling Andy creates an action-packed read few armchair adventure writers can hope to achieve.”

McNab has previously written novels for both children and adults. The Boy Soldier series, written with Robert Rigby was published by Doubleday. His other adult titles are also published by Random House company Transworld.

Philippa Milnes-Smith said: “We’re delighted to see him back with Random House Children’s Books for a brand new series – it’s a winning combination.”

Source: The Bookseller


Andy McNab visits Mill Hill School 2008


An article in The Sun today By Tom Newton Dunn – “Hate for Heroes”

BRAVE soldiers back from Iraq were forced to endure a tirade of abuse yesterday — from hate-filled BRITISH Muslims.
Fifteen fanatics staged a sickening protest — sanctioned by police — as 200 Royal Anglian troops marched in a welcome home parade.

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My View – By Andy McNab

THE protesters are lucky the police were there — or they’d have been ripped apart by the crowd who turned out to support the troops.

They live in a fantasy world. They forget these soldiers are fighting for the democracy that allows them to demonstrate.
The reason they can stand there and demonstrate is because of the democracy that’s being put into Iraq and Afghanistan.
But the protesters are abusing that democracy.

The troops are your next-door neighbours, 20-year-old lads trying to do their jobs regardless of politics.
So if people want to demonstrate they should do it at Parliament — not at a homecoming for heroes who have been willing to lay down their lives.

Soldiers know the vast majority of people understand they are not policy-makers but professionals doing their job for democracy.


From the Times Online:

The most senior reservist SAS officer in Afghanistan has resigned over the death of three of his colleagues and a female Intelligence Corps soldier who were blown up while travelling in a lightly armoured Snatch Land Rover.

Major Sebastian Morley, who commanded 23 SAS, one of two Special Air Service reserve units, is understood to have been disgusted by the death of his comrades who died when their vehicle drove over a landmine in Helmand province on June 17. He is said to have included highly critical comments about equipment in Afghanistan in his resignation letter…Read full story at the Times Online. 

Major Morley sounds pretty courageous to me, and I hope civilians will join him in demanding the very best kit and thus the best chance for survival for our men and women fighting overseas. 


From the moment (in 2001!) we learned that the Nick Stone novels might be hitting the screen there’s been a lot of speculation who would be playing ‘our hero’ Nick Stone. I won’t (can’t) repeat them all here but I do know of all names Jason Statham came up most often, closely followed by Sean Bean. We can add a new name to the list and it seems things are in motion!

Tom Hardy Nick StoneIn the TimesOnline an interview today with Tom Hardy. Quoting: “This career is like running in the Olympics,” he says, summing up and readying himself for his next meeting, with the SAS legend Andy McNab (who is in town to talk to Hardy about playing him in a series of movies). “It’s built on skill, determination, hard work and good luck.”

As I can’t imagine there will be a series of movies about Andy (now THAT would be some news!!), I have to assume they mean Nick Stone. Anyone who knows different please let us know! I’m positive there are a number of candidates, AND a number of people who will want to have a say in the final choice so we’ll see what happens. But like I said, after all this time there might actually be a movie! And Tom Hardy…. not bad at all! 😉

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