More news about this book that is coming up:

Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: Bantam Press (24 Sep 2009)
ISBN-10: 0593064798
ISBN-13: 978-0593064795

Real Life Voices from the Battlefields of Afghanistan.

Recounts the courage and hardship of British servicemen and support staff as they have faced the unique difficulties posed by the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

Andy McNab will introduce and edit the book, but the interwoven stories will be told by those serving on the front line, in their own words. Their dramatic, moving and often humorous testimonies will be told through interviews and diaries, letters and emails written to family, friends and loved ones.


The Observer, 24 May 2009

Honouring the works of Owen and Sassoon, the BBC will send Simon Armitage, who was tipped for the poet laureate’s job, to Helmand province to capture the lives of British troops in conflict

“The documentary will follow the poet through his preparations and training. Once in Afghanistan, Armitage will be joined by the bestselling writer and former SAS soldier Andy McNab. The two will gather military stories, travelling together in the area of desert, four miles long by two miles wide, known as Camp Bastion. Around 20 wounded soldiers are airlifted from Camp Bastion in a typical week.”

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A few weeks ago Andy posted a message on his website BattleSeen. The ‘revamp’ he mentions is a good thing, the site has been lacking of site maintenance for quite some time now. But now there’s hope….

And the message is nice…

Andy McNab's msg on BattleSeen