You saw the ‘Lady Gaga’ tribute in the previous post; prepare to see why British soldiers truly are the best. We present you with ‘Amarillo’ courtesy of the Royal Dragoon Guards.


In case you’ve been in a coma recently, we’re sharing this video of…well, maybe it’s best you just watch it. It makes you kind of realise why the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy is so big in the U.S.


I’ve finally had a chance to give Andy McNab’s DropZone: Bk. 1 the thorough reading it deserves, and I can tell you it ain’t just for kids. Dropzone is indeed fun, exciting, and written in a way that won’t have you reaching for your thesaurus, but the action and descriptions (particularly the parts about sky-diving) deliver in a way that only Andy McNab can, and the insider viewpoint he always provides will have adults as well as teens getting vertigo as they experience the thrills alongside the main character in this series, Ethan Blake.
Young adults will find in the Drozone series not just adventure but moral lessons that aren’t ‘preachy’ or out-of-touch with today’s youth culture — Andy McNab writes in an honest, non-judgmental way that is refreshing to see in a young adult series.
In short, Dropzone is a fast, fun read for adults, and an adventure classic for youths.


Here’s the official synopsis for Andy McNab & Liz Rigbey’s ‘War Torn’ – I wasn’t too far of with my own translation 🙂

War Torn by Andy McNab and Kym JordanTwo tours of Iraq under his belt, Sergeant Dave Henley has seen something of how modern battles are fought. But nothing can prepare him for the posting to Forward Operating Base Senzhiri, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. This is a warzone like even he’s never seen before.
He’s in charge of 1 Platoon, a ragbag collection of rookies who he must meld into a fighting force, and fast. The Afghanistan conflict is as harsh and unforgiving as the country itself. Their convoy is ambushed before they even reach the FOB, and two of his men are grievously wounded, one scorched beyond recognition, the other left with only one leg.

Back at home, the families of the men – and women – at the front wait anxiously for news. Dave’s wife, Jenny, seven months pregnant, must try to hold together the fragile lives of those they left behind, all of whom remain in constant dread of the knock on the door and the visit from the Families Officer, whose job it is to deliver the bad news…

War Torn traces the interwoven stories of one platoon’s experience of warfare in the Twenty First Century. Packed with the searing danger and high-octane excitement of modern combat, it also explores the impact of its aftershocks upon the soldiers themselves, and upon those who love them. It will take you straight into the heat of battle and the hearts of those who are burned by it.

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Andy McNab: “We CANNOT afford a wobbler in charge. Leaders need to be solid – not changing like the wind or simply going with public opinion.”

Source: The Sun

Uhm.. at the risk of ending up on some blacklists (so adding a huge *wink* to soften it up)  I’d like to remark that last part of quote seems the exact definition of a politician. Perhaps we should consider total anarchy? 😉


Well that title should make you curious. And so it should be. Grey Man’s Land wrote about War Torn in a former post, adding some credit to Liz (Elizabeth) Rigbey, an excellent writer, who is the co-writer of this new Andy McNab novel.

But surprisingly there seems to be confusion in publishers-land  when it comes to the good ladies name. Take a look below, and spot the differences! Remains the question ‘why’ Liz is not (or doesn’t want to be) recognised as the co-writer of War Torn (at least in the UK). One has to wonder what kind of promotion this book will get (so far none whatsoever, except on our ‘right-on-top’ fab website, of course). At a presentation I know my first question would be ‘Who is Kym Jordan’?? But of course I know the answer to that one already…