Wednesday 16 June

“Lord Saville’s inquiry into Bloody Sunday found that the Ulster massacre had no justification. John Kelly, the brother of Michael Kelly who was shot during the march at the age of 17 speaks to Charlie. Trevor Kavanagh also gives his opinion.

Gregory Campbell, DUP member for Londonderry, explains his view on the verdict.

The Sun’s Security Expert, Andy McNab says the report lacks context.”
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Andy McNab’s item starts at 1h45min30


Monday 14 June

“Sun Security Expert Andy McNab talks to Gaunty about the sacking of Military Chief, Sir Jock Stirrup.”

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Don’t Miss Andy McNab’s Latest Book, ‘War Torn’


The Saville report finds the 1972 killings “unjustified and unjustifiable,” and the paras involved may face charges.
What do you think, GML readers? Should the soldiers be prosecuted? And what will McNab have to say?
Link to an article on the matter: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/jun/15/bloodysunday-northernireland


Andy talks about giving youngsters a better start, missing the army, Northern Ireland, making Kate Silverton blush and lots more…

Date 13 June, interview starts at 35min06

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Een matig spelend Nederlands elftal heeft in zijn eerste WK-duel met Denemarken met 2-0 gewonnen…
Hup Holland Hup!


A great article – with more news about Andy McNab’s upcoming projects!

Lunch with the FT: Andy McNab
By Max Hastings
Published: June 5 2010

A defence journalist who knows McNab has said, “With Andy, everything is business.” He hustles relentlessly, and has become an eager entrepreneur. As well as owning stakes in a security company and a recruitment company (of which he is a director), he is now backing a business called Ghost Speaker, which encrypts digital content for mobile phones and electronic readers. How did that one happen? “A night out with a friend who said, ‘It’s the way ahead.’” The friend was almost certainly right. “We’re just doing a deal with Currys and Dixons.”

But McNab never forgets his core product: “The most important thing is the writing – that’s what makes everything else happen.” He works six hours a day dictating his books, and is thrilled that he has been asked to direct a film of one of them, Boy Soldier.

“Success gives you opportunities, choice. How else could I have been asked to do a film? I told them, ‘I know nothing about directing.’ They said, ‘Don’t worry – you’ll have a really good cameraman.’”

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