Prince William pays injured soldiers centre a visit
June 04, 2010

A special guest was invited to give the royal seal of approval to new facilities at Surrey’s medical centre for injured servicemen and women on Friday.

Prince William visited Headley Court, near Leatherhead, to open the Help for Heroes Rehabilitation Centre.

The £8m unit was funded by money donated to the Help for Heroes charity, which was formed in 2007.

Bryn Parry, the charity’s co-founder with his wife Emma, made the first speech at the opening ceremony, in front of a crowd of guests that included former EastEnder Ross Kemp and SAS legend Andy McNab.

Mr Parry paid tribute to Princes William and Harry for their fundraising work for the charity, as well as the public, whose donations allowed the facility to be built.

“This facility will stand as a lasting tribute to the affection and support the people of Great Britain feel for those who serve in our Armed Forces,” he said.

“It hasn’t been created by a few corporations making large donations.

“The vast majority of the money has come from the hundreds and thousands of ordinary people who have done their bit to raise the funds for the complex, and they continue to raise funds. Every single contribution is valued,” he said.

During his speech, Prince William spoke of when he and his younger brother first visited the centre two years ago.

“We expected to find a place of suffering with, perhaps, a pervading atmosphere of desolation. Nothing could be further from the truth,” he said.

“Here reigns courage, humour, compassion and, above all, hope for the future.”

Source: GetSurrey.co.uk


The Sun
01 Jun 2010
‘Weapons’ of the peace activists

Israel claims peace activists on board a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza were armed and “set on confrontation”.
Israel released pictures of the alleged weapons today showing a selection of KITCHEN KNIVES and makeshift WOODEN CLUBS.

The United Nations Security Council has condemned yesterday’s deadly raid on the flotilla and called for an immediate investigation.

Go here to read the full article in The Sun

My View
By Andy McNab

The Israeli troops who stormed the flotilla and opened fire were just part of the problem – there was no command and control from those on the ground.

No matter what the perceived threat was they should have gripped the fluid situation but they failed.

The incident, which is feared to have involved Brits including Peter Venner, Sakir Yildirim and Cliff Hanley, would have happened very quickly with much screaming and shouting.

But someone had to take a step back and control the situation. Any planned mission of stop and search or contain the flotilla instantly goes out of the window. We don’t know what the mission was. Perhaps they did want it to be a show of force, we just don’t know yet.

The Israelis will publicly maintain there was a threat but internally there will be a thorough inquiry and heads will roll.


BBC Radio 4 – The World Tonight
31 May 2010

Israeli commandos storm a flotilla of ships trying to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip, killing at least ten people – but what really happened?

You can listen to the show here

Andy’s contribution starts at 15min11

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