A more extensive synopsis is available…sounds good! Zero Hour is published 28 October 2010

A code which will jam every item of military hardware from Kabul to Washington…

On 5 September 2007, Israeli jets bombed a suspected nuclear installation in northeastern Syria. Syrian radar supposedly state-of-the-art had failed to warn the target of the incoming assault.

A system on the verge of collapse…

Unknown to anyone but the Israelis and the radar s manufacturers, the commercial, off-the-shelf microprocessors within it contained a remotely accessible kill switch.

A terrorist group who nearly have it in their hands…

Now British Intelligence has discovered that the same switches are at the heart of every electronic device in the UK and US arsenal. It will take years to replace the components. So they must deactivate the man who controls them instead.

And a soldier who wants to go down fighting…

Ex-SAS deniable operator Nick Stone is tasked to find and kill him but this time he s not on receive . For once, his life is under threat for another reason from within. And now he really is a man with nothing to lose…


Quite a few articles about Eric Bana  being ‘leading contender’ to play Nick Stone. We’ll have to wait and see if he gets the part – but at least there’s news on the movie ‘Echelon’ which is good! No director yet it seems, but who knows… Andy gets some experience directing Boy Soldier.. he might take up the job himself!

I only give the link to one article , all the others are about the same. I’ll leave you with a nice pic of Eric.. so you can judge for yourself.. You think he’s the Nick Stone we dream about? 😉


Now here’s something new… would love to see that for every coming book by Andy 🙂


Gunman Raoul Moat is still on the loose. SAS Hero Andy McNab explains to Gaunty what he believes Raoul’s tactics for surviving in the wilderness are.

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McNab: police push Raoul Moat to ‘capture area’
By Kris Jepson – 07 July 2010

As the armed police search for alleged gunman Raoul Moat continues, Former SAS Sergeant and Bravo Two Zero survivor Andy McNab, an expert in escape and evasion, tells Channel 4 News police need to ‘channel Moat to capture area’.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed to Channel 4 News that it has supplied around 40 firearms officers, including rifle officers (snipers) from its specialist firearms unit CO19. Northumbria Police requested the extra man power as they hunt for alleged gunman Raoul Moat near the village of Rothbury. The snipers are armed with Heckler and Koch G36 assault rifles, a favourite weapon of the SAS when serving in Northern Ireland.

Channel 4 News has spoken to former SAS soldier Andy McNab, who has experience of both escaping and evading enemies in the field of combat and in searching for enemies. He operated in the Middle and Far East, South and Central America and Northern Ireland.

A little snippit from the article:

Andy McNab said: “Without doubt the police will have immediately covered all ‘known locations’ to Moat – friends, family, local football team, pubs etc. These are places and people Moat will know and feel comfortable being in or with. As he’s not been caught yet, these are places he’s probably avoided.

“The police would have checked all electronic devices. They’d have checked his credit card, bank card, email, mobile phone, any social networking sites he’s signed up to. Nine times out of ten people will go to these places, use these systems, because it is safe territory for them – they know it. That’s probably why he seems to be staying in the same region (Northumbria).

“Then possible locations he’d pick out are places of vegetation, and then irrigation, so if he’s hiding he’ll want access to water. He’ll also look for areas of cover. If he hasn’t got camouflage concealment skills he will no doubt be in these densely vegetated areas, because it will make him feel safe.

“In reality these are the last places he should be. They are obvious hiding places for a fugitive on the run and will be places the police will target in their search: Places like dense forests, hill tops, caves, mountains etc.

“For the armed police searching for Moat, they will not want to scare him and will avoid confronting him. Their tactic will be to move through the areas and try to hassle him into moving. This method is called ‘channelling’.

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Also read the latest news: Raoul Moat dead ‘after shots fired’


The Sun
From Duncan Larcombe, Afghanistan
Published: 02 Jul 2010

A British soldier sprawls in the dust with his face bloodied after being shot by the Taliban.
In a dramatic battle video, Lance Corporal Adam Smith is heard shouting: “I’ve been hit!”

Pals rush to his aid yelling: “Man down!”

Adam, 23, miraculously survived – and was back on patrol hours later.

The incredible footage was handed to The Sun as we joined Our Boys on the frontline.


By Andy McNab

This incredible video of men at war is a perfect example of the Army’s six core values: selfless commitment, courage, discipline, loyalty, integrity and respect for others.

The film is outstanding not just because it shows the reality of the battles our troops are fighting in Afghanistan, but also because it demonstrates their total professionalism and qualities of leadership.

Watch it and you will swell with pride – and understand why we are the best at soldiering on this planet.

It also shows how a man reacts when taking a round that he thinks may kill him, and the pure bravery of mates who risk their own lives for him.

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