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Also…learned something today about Nick Stone in Zero Hour… PREPARE FOR A SHOCK !!!!



Andy was on the Christian O’Connell show last week:

Episode summary:

We tracked one of Richie’s poo’s through London’s sewer system and hardman Andy McNab came in to chat about his new book.

Recorded: 18 November 2010 — Andy’s part starts at 11m 47s

Go here for the podcast of the show

News about the Nick Stone movie there too!! Andy says he knows he will be playing the Nick Stone part.. but he’s not telling!!


* 100 fallen heroes in 2010 *

By Duncan Larcombe, Defence Editor
Published: 20 Nov 2010

The Sun today salutes the 100 men who have laid down their lives for this country in Afghanistan in 2010.

Every one of them died a hero.

Go here to read the full article and the Roll of Honour in The Sun

May they all rest in peace.


By Andy McNab

“Obviously the 100th death of 2010 is a really sad landmark.

But now is not the time for us, the public, to start getting wobbly about Afghanistan.

There really is light at the end of the tunnel. The sacrifices and the work carried out by the troops on the ground are really having results.

One of the tangible results is that, since the summer, casualties have gone down because of the troops’ efforts in taking on the Taliban.

As a result, the 100th soldier killed has died towards the end of the year rather than at the end of summer, which some experts were predicting. We have reached this landmark much, much later than they said because there are troops on the ground, controlling the ground – controlling the Taliban. Where we are is where we are, but the deaths are not in vain.

The country is starting to get a little bit shaky about Afghanistan. More people are against it than there have been before.

But now is not the time to be wobbly. We are nearly there.”


On the Force Select website you can find several interviews with Andy McNab regarding Force Select, also in audio!

Go here to see the list on the Force Select website


Andy is on the Richard Hatch show on ‘BFBS Radio’ (the British Forces Broadcasting Service):

Andy McNab the Gun toting SAS hero.

Every Wednesday Andy will act out a scene from a movie.

Guess the movie and win a signed Andy McNab certificate with attached moustache clipping.

Producer Nicky Smith told Grey Man’s Land:

“The competition is basically where Andy reads a film script, and people have to guess what the film is. They then win the certificate.

It’s a bit of fun, and Andy has been very obliging in doing the reads for us. “

Go here to listen to the Richard Hatch show(s) on BFBS Radio


There seems to be some rescheduling going on but this is what we know for Ely:

Toppings Author Event: Andy McNab Ely St Peter’s Church (Ely) on Friday, 03 December 2010

Zero Hour is the latest in McNab´s acclaimed Nick Stone series – this time Stone must disarm a remotely accessible kill switch.

Tickets £7/6 with £7/6 off Zero Hour.

Event Phone Number: 01353 645005 (UK)
Price: £7/£6
Date: Friday, 03 December 2010
Time: 19:00h
St Peter’s Church (Ely)
Broad Street

Source: Topping & Company Booksellers