Well there’s an interesting title. Maybe some of you know we’re concerned about all aspects of war here on Grey Man’s Land.. and climate change affects all of us. No, it’s not global warming, it’s climate change! So don’t brush it away because we had more snow in Europe!
Anyway… a very interesting article about the war in Afghanistan (and more) and it’s problems and consequences…so we’ll hope you’ll take the time to read it 🙂

Go here to read the full article by Mike Kaulbars

A snippit:

Like all tragedies, the most terrible thing about the Afghan War is the utter futility of the suffering. Our determination to do nothing meaningful about anthropogenic climate change means that none of the sacrifices by any of those involved in Afghanistan are going to accomplish anything, not unless we honour those sacrifices by doing our part.
We all know about the war in Afghanistan, or think we do. Those who follow the news will know that the “trouble” is predominantly in the south and southwest, particularly the provinces of Helmand and Kandahar.

Do we wonder why that is? If “the problem” is government corruption, or religious extremism, or nationalism, or tribalism, or … why those areas in particular? why not all over the country?

The reality of the Afghan War is complex, dynamic, and nuanced. For a start, which Afghan War? In the West we generally mean the invasion and occupation by Coalition forces that began in 2001, but how do you clearly separate that out from the longer Civil War? and how is that influenced by other former conflicts? never mind the regional conflicts and power dynamics?

Obviously all of the factors mentioned play a role, as do many others. No social dynamic like war ever boils down to a single factor, although relatively simple causes can precipitate and/or be driving a conflict, and perhaps even dominate for a period. However, how it plays itself out is inevitably going to involve all of the other factors.

What I offer here is not meant to try and dismiss those factors and replace them with just one, but rather provide some insight into what one of the fundamental factors is. Why the south? One word….Water!


We got this sent by Ali, thanks as always! No idea what the source is.. if you know, tell us and we’ll add the source.

Andy McNab

My book highlight of the year is A Simples Life by Aleksandr Orlov.
I love it and think it’s brilliant!
The lowlight’s gotta be that twitter impersonator book Cheryl Kerl, Waoth it? Coase Ah Am, Pet – because I didn’t understand it.

PS: More info about Cheryl Kerl you’ll find here



Andy was guest columnist in ZOO Magazine. Angel sent us the scanned version, I had to cut & paste a bit to make it fit the post here. Thanks Angel, it’s great!


Andy was on Channel 4 tonight, a show called ‘100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross’. Thank you for alerting us Ali!
I’m afraid I have to do with the screencap, ‘watch again’ is only for UK residents. Sigh.

The show:
‘Presented by gadget, gizmo and toy collector extraordinaire Jonathan Ross, 100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross is a three-hour countdown of the nation’s favourite toys and games.

From Action Man to Yahtzee and from Barbie to Trivial Pursuit, inventors and toy-makers tell the inside stories of their creations and success. And to fully explain the impact of these toys and games, the children of yesteryear – today’s celebrities, authors, actors and journalists – reveal exactly what it was that made them love a particular toy.’

Watch the Jonathan Ross show on Channel 4 – UK residents only!


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