The Sun’s Millies: “It’s so important to recognise the work everyone in services does.”

By Duncan Larcombe
10 December 2010

PRINCE CHARLES yesterday launched this year’s Sun Military Awards alongside Armed Forces top brass and a host of showbiz and sport stars.
Charles and wife Camilla hosted a tea party at Clarence House for the 12 Millies judges, who have the near-impossible task of picking out the bravest of the brave from thousands of nominations.

Andy McNab: “Every year The Sun’s Military Awards become more and more important because there is more and more activity in the military. This year we have lost 101 of our men in Afghanistan and we, as a nation, now have the chance to honour them.”

The star-studded ceremony will be screened on ITV1 at 9pm next Friday, December 17.

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The Sun's Millies 2010 judges.. Andy McNab on the left. Photo The Sun - Arthur Edwards


Andy was a guest on a Men’s Hour Special ‘Lads & Dads’ yesterday. “Tim Samuels with a special Men’s Hour examining men’s relationships with their fathers.” Thanks Angel for sending this.

You can ‘Listen Again’ to this BBC Radio 5 Live show here. The show starts at 4.05min, you can hear Andy from 5.00 min

Today only 6 days left to listen, so don’t wait too long!


‘Afghanada’ is an award-winning Canadian radio drama series, airing on CBC Radio One and Sirius Satellite Radio. CBC is currently broadcasting the show’s fifth season.
I’ve become kind of ‘addicted’ to it, it’s really really good! Like the audio stories Andy McNab produced, it’s with all the sounds and although you don’t see images, it’s like you’re there. It also got a very human approach and once you get to know the characters you feel you live through the events with them. Highly recommended and the shows are available on iTunes!

About The Show:
Created by Greg Nelson, Adam Pettle, Andrew Moodie and Jason Sherman.

“Afghanada gives us a grunts-eye perspective of the war in Afghanistan.  3 -1 Bravo is a Canadian Forces light infantry section fighting with NATO forces deep in the heart of the conflict.  Every day, Sgt. Pat Kinsella (Jenny Young), Private Dean Donaldson (Paul Fauteux) and Private Lucas Manson (Billy Maclellan), confront the chaos and violence of life ‘outside the wire’.

Based on actual events on the ground in Kandahar, each week’s episode takes the listener on an intense and compelling auditory journey, an unadorned reflection of the very real life and death situations Canadian soldiers face every day in Afghanistan.”

For more information on the show go to the Afghanada website


Andy McNab gave a stirring speech to The Royal Green Jackets in East Ham about the conditions our troops face today and the ForceSelect Foundation, the charity providing help to British ex servicemen and women.

Andy McNab speaks to Royal Green Jackets - Photo Between The Lines (Transworld publ.)


Source: Between The Lines (Transworld Publishers)


We at Grey Man’s Land support our soldiers and we certainly support the fight against PTSD. Organisations such as Help for Heroes and Talking 2 Minds rightfully do everything they can to help serving and ex-soldiers battle Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a more worthy undertaking is hard to imagine.
In our haste to honour and help soldiers, however, we often forget the innocent victims of war, the civilians who are killed, maimed, and made to suffer in ways far worse than what most battle-hardened soldiers ever have to endure.
Good soldiers, both British and American, inadvertently kill or cripple civilians on a regular basis — it’s war, and collateral damage is a part of it. I’m not blaming the soldiers, but at the same time I have enough human decency to consider the lives of the civilians equally worthy and the PTSD of the survivors just as real.
So, this Christmas season, I implore our readers to look beyond the military charities we regularly mention here and give a little to help the truly innocent victims.
The International Red Cross does so much to alleviate the suffering of civilians in war zones, and as McNab can attest, they help soldiers, too. Please continue supporting our troops and the organisations that help them out, but let’s give a hand to the often-forgotten civilians as well.


The Evening Standard
3 December 2010

One phone call with Andy McNab

Two and a Half Men, which I can watch for two hours back to back.
I saw Due Date on its opening night; it’s as funny as The Hangover.

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. My brother-in-law bought it for me because I’m in it, but he didn’t tell me. It’s about the Queen’s obsession with books; as she tours the country she tries to find out why people are reading Andy McNab.

Frank Timis, a Romanian-Australian billionaire businessman. He paid GBP 115,000 at a charity auction to be a bad guy in my next book.

I cook vegetable curry because you can leave it to bubble away. I cheat by using microwave rice, though.

The story about a female senior police officer who went to court for stealing a GBP 12 lipstick from Tesco. I love stories about policemen getting caught nicking things.

Christmas shopping. I had to go this morning with my wife and it does my head in.

A new BMW GS1200 motorbike to ride along country roads in Cornwall and Norfolk. My daughter used to ride with me; we would drive up level with a car and she’d bang on the window, then we’d finish overtaking. Then she told my wife, who soon put a stop to it.