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‘Queen’s spending falls by £1.8m after Palace officials close eBay account’

The cost to the British taxpayer of funding the Queen’s household has dropped by £1.8m in the last year after Her Majesty’s eBay account was suspended by Palace officials concerned that her online shopping had spiralled out of control.

‘We became suspicious when we noticed an ever greater volume of packages coming in and out of Buckingham Palace,’ said Sir Alan Reid, Keeper of the Privy Purse. ‘It seems that of an evening Her Majesty was retiring to the royal chamber to surf the net for knock-off corgi paraphernalia, rare Daniel O’Donnell imports and Andy McNab first editions. She even tried to keep her spending sprees under wraps by using a variety of logins such as LusciousLiz, HelenMirrenInDisguise and LonelyGirl85.’

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The Sun
By John Kay, Chief Reporter
07 Jul 2011

The Ministry of Defence spends three times as much money helping top officers’ children attend elite private schools as it does compensating soldiers injured in Afghanistan.

(..) But the MoD – which faces severe cost-cutting measures – found cash to subsidise the children of more than 5,000 officers to attend top schools.

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“The education allowance is a success story for all sorts of reasons. The Armed Forces remain one of the few places where ordinary people can really achieve social mobility through hard work.

This scheme is open to all ranks and it is money well spent on the children because they are getting a top-class education.

It is also money well spent on our servicemen and women who travel constantly for work.

If they take advantage of this, they stand to gain a great deal.”


The Sun
By Viginia Wheeler, Defence Editor
02 Jul 2011

The injured soldier cried in pain and collapsed in the compound of the British Army’s Middle East HQ in Cairo.
Second Lieutenant Archibald David Stirling had perilously scaled an internal fence using his crutches as a ladder.
But sentries had been alerted and were hunting him down with rifles raised.
With seconds to spare he forced his way into the office of General Ritchie and delivered a daring proposal.

Stirling, the son of a Scottish laird, had hatched a plan with pal Jock Lewes to form a revolutionary new force of raiders who would operate deep behind enemy lines to destroy aircraft, gain intelligence and attack supply lines.
Instead of sending Stirling to prison for breaking in to the HQ, Army bosses liked the idea.

He and Lewes created their gang of “misfits, rogues and rule-breakers” exactly 70 years ago this week. They took as their motto “Who Dares Wins” and became known as the Special Air Service, or SAS.

The regiment has never been busier than it is today in Afghanistan.
New figures gathered by The Sun show the recent heroics played out against the Taliban behind enemy lines in Helmand.

However, the regiment’s most secretive mission is yet to come.

The family of Lieut Jock Lewes – dubbed “The Godfather Of The SAS” – has revealed a cloak-and-dagger operation to recover the hero’s remains from the Libyan desert where the regiment first worked.

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“Who Dares Wins” is a way of life for the regiment. It is living and breathing this motto that makes the SAS the best at what they do.

It is not only the harsh training of SAS troopers that results in the best. It is also how these troopers operate in battle that sets them apart from other special forces.

The SAS know that the most effective weapon in war isn’t weapons – but information on what the enemy is planning.

In Afghanistan today, one of the most important jobs the SAS do is risk life and limb gathering intelligence because it is this which will defeat the Taliban and find the factories making IEDs that kill our troops.

Once the SAS have intelligence, they can destroy the enemy where it hurts most, faster and more efficiently than anyone else. That’s where “Who Dares Wins” really matters.


Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

EA released pictures from some Battlefield 3 motion capture sessions. Former SAS operative and novelist, Andy McNab is advising DICE on weapon handling and stance seen in the pictures below.

DICE is working closely with highly decorated ex-SAS operator and acclaimed author, Andy McNab, to ensure the authenticity and grittiness of today’s war is captured in both the single player and multiplayer campaigns.

Source: Planet Battlefield

A book, simply called Battlefield 3, has turned up on online shops.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble both list Battlefield 3 the book for release later this year.

According to the shops it’s by Battlefield executive producer Patrick Bach and Andy McNab, the pseudonym of a former SAS operative and soldier and novelist.

Amazon says the book is 400 pages long and launches alongside the game on 25th October this year.

Battlefield 3 Blog, which spotted the listings, speculates that given McNab is listed as co-author, the book could be the novel of Battlefield 3’s storyline, much of which developer DICE has so far kept under wraps.

Source: Euro Gamer


Le Grove – Arsenal Blog
8 July 2011

We have been asked by ForceSelect (the UK’s leading military service leaver recruitment agency) to run a competition for serving military personnel to have lunch at an Arsenal box and enjoy the PSG vs Boca Juniors and the Arsenal vs New York Red Bulls matches at the Emirates Cup. This will include lunch and refreshments.

ForceSelect Director, Andy McNab the best selling author and SAS hero wants to provide experiences like this for people that put their lives on the line for their country, Andy is a supporter of Le Grove and Arsenal Addict and has asked us to help, which of course we are delighted to do.

So if you are in the services and you can answer the following question we will give them to the first 5 that answer it correctly 2 tickets.

Name the 3 managers that signed three Arsenal heroes of the past. Charlie Nicholas, Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry and how much they cost!

Remember whatever you think about the conflicts these guys are laying their lives on the line for all of us and deserve to see a great festival of football, let’s just hope we have some decent players on show eh!

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Hannah Stodell, The Grocer
09 July 2011

Bravo Two Zero author and former SAS man Andy McNab has unveiled the Bravo2Burger the first product in a new lads’ snack range.

Developed by McNab and Red Lion Foods, the pack of two chilled burgers in buns (rsp: £2.99) will roll out to supermarkets from September. Red Lion, which donates all its post-tax profits to armed forces charities, said the Bravo2 range would be a fresh face in “man snacks”, and plans to add a cheeseburger and hotdog to the line-up.

McNab rose to prominence after publishing an autobiographical account of SAS patrol Bravo Two Zero and has since gone on to write more than a dozen fictional thrillers. He will help to market the burgers, which will feature ‘McNab Missions’ on-pack competitions giving shoppers the chance to win Bravo2 games and merchandise.

Red Lion Foods launched 70 household staples last October and has since raised £450,000 for armed forces causes and charities including SSAFA, Royal British Legion, Help for Heroes and Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

It expects its donations to hit £1m by the end of the year and is planning to launch new products including pizzas, chicken, beef and bananas over the coming months.

The latest launch follows the appointment of McNab and Lieutenant General Paul Newton CBE as non-executive directors to advise on its work and act as brand ambassadors.

“Bravo2 will be a really fun product to add to our growing offer and is a great way for Andy McNab to get involved with the brand,” said Red Lion marketing ­director David Wilkinson.

Source: The Grocer