MMA fighter and paratrooper Jack Marshman22-year-old serving Paratrooper and professional MMA fighter Jack Marshman will compete for the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts promotion’s World Middleweight Championship on 24th March at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena.
Marshman, who will enter the ring with a perfect 10-0 record, will face champion Tom Watson, whose experience and superior technique will pose a formidable obstacle to the title-hungry soldier. However, as one would expect from a Para, Marshman is known for his toughness, tenacity, and indomitable will, and his growing legion of supporters believe he’s more than up for the challenge.
Andy McNab fans and all who support the forces should make sure not to miss this bout, as it promises to be not only a great fight but likely further proof that the men and women who serve have a fighting spirit worthy of a true champion.