The sequel to the bestselling novel War Torn will be published in July (according to Amazon)…

Writing with Kym Jordan, Andy McNab has created a stunning sequel to his bestselling novel War Torn which detailed the lives of a close-knit team of soldiers fighting on the frontline in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and those of their loved ones left behind at base in England.

Like its predecessor, Battle Lines is at once a gritty, close-to-the-action, present day thriller and an involving look at the stresses and strains which divided families and relationships suffer when separated by thousands of miles and a wealth of experience.

This is real life, brought brilliantly to life, by Andy McNab, whose continued involvement with the men and women of the British Army gives this extraordinary novel its authenticity, its toughness and its heart.

Hardcover: 480 pages
Publisher: Bantam Press (19 July 2012)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0593065271
ISBN-13: 978-0593065273


It’s hard to see this picture and not think about that cold night 22 years ago when eight brave men, three of whom would not return, boarded a Chinook and headed out on a mission that would go down in history.
Chinook helicopter at night


Aaarrggh…bad news for all of us Andy McNab fans…. Andy’s new Tom Buckingham series ‘Red Notice’ and the new Nick Stone thriller ‘Silencer’ are delayed 🙁

‘Red Notice’ will now be published in October 2012 instead of ‘Silencer’ – which has been postponed until October next year!!!! *WEEP*

Well…to be honest we here really wondered how Andy could keep up with all those book titles ‘demanding’ to be produced.  We’re not sure why these books have been postponed but we do know Andy is alive and kicking.. so it can’t be anything dramatic. Of course it IS a big drama ….. for us!!!

Another consequence is this….alas…:



This is one from last year, but I just remembered looking for it… From the National Army Museum:

War Horse Remembrance

Budding artists of all ages and abilities have been picking up their colouring pencils and exercising their imaginations as part of the National Army Museum’s War Horse: Fact & Fiction exhibition.

Visitors are invited to decorate and name paper horses in commemoration of the millions of horses enlisted by the British Army whose names and deeds have now been forgotten. These colourful and creative paper horses are displayed for all to see on the exhibition’s Remembrance Wall.

'A very vibrant-green-coloured ‘Sgt Green’ by Andy McNab, author and ex-Special Forces soldier'


Source: National Army Museum website


Shelf Life: Mike Skinner
The Spectator

Perhaps one of the best things to come out of Birmingham, Mike Skinner, mastermind behind The Streets, lets us know what he’s reading in this week’s Shelf Life.

Hello??????? 😉


Andy McNab

Type of event: Speaker

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