Fitness in the Armed Forces is paramount. Find out why and how with former SAS sergeant and Bravo Two Zero operation leader Andy McNab.

Celebrating the release of the first episode of ‘Liam Scott book 3 – The New Enemy’ there’s a ‘Trained By McNab’ video from the man himself about fitness in the armed forces. (Full story in hardback is published in January 2015)

It’s always about your best effort. Don’t worry about what anybody else is doing, just worry what you are doing – to improve every single day. ~Andy McNab

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What brings the SAS hard man Andy McNab to tears? Opera

The Times
11 October 2014, by Jack Malvern Arts Correspondent

Opera-goers who managed to get through Sir Nicholas Hytner’s production of Cosi Fan Tutte without shedding a tear may congratulate themselves for their mental toughness. They are more resilient than Andy McNab.

The former SAS sergeant, whose account of his capture and torture in Iraq in Bravo Two Zero made him the bestselling combat author in the world, told an audience at the Cheltenham Literature Festival that he has only ever cried once in his life, at one of Mozart’s most frivolous works.

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If you want to give Cosi Fan Tutte a try yourself you can watch it on You Tube  – with English subtitles which is kind of convenient to get some understanding of the play 😉 It must be brilliant since it got Andy to sit in a chair for over three hours in a row!

Article comes with another great photo by Gareth Iwan Jones Photography

The Times - Andy McNab: "I love opera. It's amazing"

The Times – Andy McNab: “I love opera. It’s amazing”


Gloucestershire Echo By Phil Norris
9 October, 2014

‘Ex-SAS man Andy McNab, who wrote Bravo Two Zero, tells Cheltenham Literature Festival how Islamic State could be defeated in months by troops on the ground’

The United States and British military could destroy Islamic State within months if they put “boots on the ground”, former SAS commander Andy McNab told Cheltenham Literature Festival on Thursday night.

And the soldier-turned-author said Iran could see IS off in days, if they turned their huge army against the militants.

Speaking at The Town Hall, McNab, who wrote Bravo Two Zero about his SAS service in Iraq during the first Gulf War, said: “IS can be defeated, it has 30,000 untrained troops on the ground and they could be defeated without even breaking sweat by the Americans and British.

“It’s the political commitment that isn’t there, both countries have elections coming up and have committed to not having troops on the ground.”

Source: Gloucestershire Echo


Andy McNab “We wouldn’t need Special Forces if we could just go out and do it simply”

Andy McNab was on BBC Radio 4 Today talking about the realism of hunting down IS militants and rescuing hostages by the SAS. What’s the percentage of success.

Visit the BBC Radio 4 website to Listen Again. Item starts at 2.38.30h

BBC World Service Radio: “Islamic State continues to hold and murder Western hostages but why is it so hard to find and rescue them? Andy McNab is a former British Special Forces soldier who’s commanded rescue missions.”