An Interview with the impressive Andy McNab
by Margaret Graham

18 January 2016

Andy, Nick Stone, in Detonator, talks of knowledge equaling power. In one of your talks I sat in on at the Yeovil Literary Festival, you mentioned that your army tutor at your squad’s first literacy session explained that the ability to read was the route to education, which = knowledge, which in turn = power. This clearly resonated with you, even changed your life.
You write non-fiction and fiction, which shows the importance of the latent abilities your tutor unearthed but have you felt the need to pass this equation to others? Perhaps through literacy charities? If so, what are they? Tell us more about how this equation has changed the lives of others.

Yes very much so. I was lucky enough to have been given an education by the Army, and I spend a lot of time now telling young people my story and encouraging them to make the most of educational opportunities on offer. I am an Ambassador for the Reading Agency, and through them visit many schools, prisons, Young Offender Units and workplaces every year. If I can get just one inmate, school kid or worker to change their reading habits or pick up a book for the first time, then it will have been worth it. My message is pretty simple, ‘If I can do it, anybody can.’

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