Well that title should make you curious. And so it should be. Grey Man’s Land wrote about War Torn in a former post, adding some credit to Liz (Elizabeth) Rigbey, an excellent writer, who is the co-writer of this new Andy McNab novel.

But surprisingly there seems to be confusion in publishers-land  when it comes to the good ladies name. Take a look below, and spot the differences! Remains the question ‘why’ Liz is not (or doesn’t want to be) recognised as the co-writer of War Torn (at least in the UK). One has to wonder what kind of promotion this book will get (so far none whatsoever, except on our ‘right-on-top’ fab website, of course). At a presentation I know my first question would be ‘Who is Kym Jordan’?? But of course I know the answer to that one already…