There’s a new book coming this summer, written by Andy with co-writer ‘Kym Jordan’ (Liz Rigbey): ‘War Torn’ – A novel of Men at War.

Small synopsis: “Set both in Afghanistan and the UK, War Torn revolves around a close knit group of soldiers and their friends, families, and loved ones.”

From what I understand is that the book revolves around Sergeant Dave Henley and his unit, who are on a military mission in Helmand, Afghanistan – and the home-front: Jenny Henley and the other women and families left behind: As much as their loved ones are dealing with the dangers in a war-torn country, they struggle with their fear and anxiety, trying to cope with ‘being apart’ and not knowing whether their husbands are hurt…or worse. The story is told from the soldiers point of view as well as that from their spouses at home.

Liz (Elizabeth) Rigbey (1957), Andy’s co-writer,  has written 3 very successful novels: Total Eclipse (1995), Summer Time (2003) and The Hunting Season (2007). She studied English literature, has been a scriptwriter for BBC TV and radio and has also been a consultant for international aid projects in various countries, including Russia, Kenya and Afghanistan. Having 2 children, she says to be inspired by motherhood.

There will be a second book in this series which I think will be published in the summer of 2011. And also good news is that an outline has been optioned by the BBC for a Sunday evening TV drama.

For any non-English speaking fans I’m afraid I only know of one translation so far: The Dutch translation of War Torn will be published in September by Uitgeverij Bruna and the title will be ‘Afghanistan-Missie’.