By Richard Eden
Published: 19 Dec 2009

Kevin Spacey and SAS author Andy McNab form an unlikely partnership.
At first glance, they are unlikely allies: Kevin Spacey, the darling of theatreland, and Andy McNab, the rugged SAS hero turned best-selling author.

But Mandrake spotted the two men, accompanied by McNab’s wife, Jenny, last week at a restaurant in London next to the Old Vic theatre, of which the Hollywood star is artistic director.

The pair are, I can disclose, involved in a joint project for the new year. The star of The Usual Suspects is to stage McNab’s debut play, Last Night, Another Soldier.

Written for BBC Radio 4, it tells the moving story of an 18-year-old soldier going to war for the first time, in Afghanistan.

McNab certainly knows his stuff: he was Britain’s most decorated serving soldier when he left the Army in 1993.

Source: The Telegraph