“War is Madness, To Survive Madness, One Becomes Madness.”

Corporal Martin Webster
Cpl Martin Webster was a frontline infantry soldier for 12 years serving around the world in N Ireland, Sierra Leone and Iraq.
Previous to military service he was a student at Falmouth Art School and achieved a diploma in the arts.
“In February 2006 I was thrust into the media spotlight when the News of the World released footage I had filmed of the arrest and beating of rioting Iraqi youths.
Several other soldiers’ lives and mine were never the same as we were depicted as bad apples and bullies and held up as examples of all that was wrong with the Army.”
After service he suffered from Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and ended up homeless.

Voices of War
In 2008 Martin set up Voices of War  with another homeless veteran Lee Kamara.
Together they have written and performed music, art and poetry to raise money for homeless veterans in the South west. Voices of War is an artistic view from a frontline infantry soldier’s perspective, using art, poetry and music. The purpose is to deliver an understanding of the real, raw emotions and feelings that soldiers go through during these horrific experiences.
Martin is the artist and finds through the paintings he can remove vivid scenes of violence that cause intrusive thoughts leading to Combat PTSD.
For him art is a form of release this combined with meditation and NLP I got my life back on track.
“I want people to realize what goes on in a veteran’s head when returning from war- how it affects the individual and how their family suffers too”.
Martin says, “War is the most harsh environment known to man, yet our Government have learned nothing in a hundred of years of combat veterans returning from war.
In 2009 our organization discovered a self funded charity called Talking 2 Minds that uses cognitive therapy to treat veterans. And voices of war will not only be supporting Talking 2 minds but using the music to generate funds for this amazing organization.”

Diary of a Disgraced Soldier
Martin Webster: “Upon leaving the Army I approached three independent filmmakers to help me tell my side of the story.”
In 2004, Cpl Webster filmed some of his fellow British soldiers beating Iraqi youths in Al Amarah, Iraq.
It was his commentary that people heard when the film was leaked to the British newspaper, News of the World and shown across the globe. Despite no charges being brought against him, Martin left the Army soon afterwards.
Diary of a Disgraced Soldier follows him from the day he leaves the Army, on an intense journey that sees him struggle to come to terms with a post-military life haunted by that video.
He embarks upon a deeply personal investigation into the events of Al Amarah, using a prolific creative energy to produce paintings, poetry and music – and visits his old army mates to get their take on what happened in Iraq.
Along the way his video diaries chart his anger, shame, and depression as he comes to terms with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and and voices his new-found political awareness. Diary of a Disgraced Soldier began as an investigation into one shameful moment, but as the story unravels, turns into a quest to see if Martin can ever leave Al Amarah behind.

Please contact enquiries@diaryofadisgracedsoldier.co.uk for any enquiries you have about film screening, sales and distribution.

Martin Websters energies culminate with the ‘Voices of War’ concert and an art gallery exhibition, which he hopes will channel his energies positively and mark the start of a new beginning.

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“Please if you think you are suffering from PTSD you are not alone and as a group we can all help each other! There is help out there!” ~Voices of War website