STATE OF EMERGENCY – ‘The electric new Tom Buckingham thriller’ – will be publiced the 21st of May!


3 AM on a frozen winter’s night.

A small craft skims the Thames closing in on London’s most exclusive new riverside hotel. On board is a lone assassin, his target – Britain’s most powerful new politician. In a nation threatened by extremist jihadis and torn apart by civil unrest, Vernon Rolt has just been catapulted into government on an extreme anti-terror platform.

Rolt’s plans for a zero-tolerance crackdown on ethnic violence has touched a popular nerve.  But his move into politics has made him some unlikely enemies – British ex-servicemen, once his most committed supporters who now want him dead.

Ex-SAS trooper turned MI5 operative Tom Buckingham is undercover inside Rolt’s organisation. His mission: to neutralise the rogue assassins for whom he also has become a target, and to discover the deadly intentions of Rolt’s new financier, shadowy Crimean oligarch Oleg Umarov. But all too soon, Tom gets caught up in a far more devastating plot which will change the political landscape of Europe – for ever…

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In Michael Berkeley’s Private Passions Andy McNab reveals the central place of music in his life, and particularly his passion for opera.

Opera, he says, is the only thing that makes him cry: he chooses Wagner, Verdi and Puccini. McNab reveals too his love of the calm reflective music of Gregorian chant, which he first heard sung by the Benedictine monks of Belmont Abbey, when he was training for the SAS in Herefordshire. He talks movingly about his imprisonment and torture, and about how the particular sounds of that time are burned into his memory: the jangle of keys, the rattle of doors. To escape those dark memories, he chooses one of the most joyful pieces of music ever written: Handel’s Messiah.

One thing I’d love to ask Andy myself again sometime is about him having a ‘silent dinner’ with the Monks of Belmont Abbey. How hard must that have been ?!?

Andy’s Music:


Being so excited about this news some of the Luke Evans fans can’t wait for it to hit the big screen!
This movie poster was created by @MoustacheLuke and we love it!

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Shooting starts on April 13th in London and Budapest to produce action thriller SAS: RED NOTICE based on the bestselling novel by former SAS operator Andy McNab.

Altitude Film Entertainment, Parabolic Pictures and Vertigo Films will produce the film with Lionsgate UK picking up the distribution rights.  Luke Evans, whose films include Dracula Untold and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies plays Tom Buckingham, Nick Love (The Sweeney) directs and Andy McNab takes on the role of executive producer.  McNab has been a driving force behind this project since its inception, according to the producers, with his personal experience making this the most intense and authentic SAS action thriller ever seen.

SAS: RED NOTICE is set in the Channel Tunnel, where 100 meters underground 20 accused war criminals hold 400 hostages. Only one man can get them out alive – Tom Buckingham – an SAS operator who is trying to save his relationship with the woman he loves. The explosive action races from Central London to the conflict zones of Eastern Europe.

McNab said: ‘I am delighted that Tom Buckingham is soon to reach the big screen. He has been a great character to create, and the books have been lots of fun to write. It has been a brilliant experience collaborating with Larry Malkin and Chad Truman on the script and with the fantastic Luke Evans on board, and the awesome Nick Love directing, we’re all set to go.’

Nick Love said: ‘SAS: RED NOTICE is a fantastic project and I am thrilled to be working with Andy McNab and Luke Evans in what will be a very modern action thriller.’

SAS: RED NOTICE marks the first feature film based on one of McNab’s books as well as the first in the Tom Buckingham series.

Go here for Andy McNab’s SAS: Red Notice movie website

SAS: Red Notice


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