Published: 15 Aug 2009

Twelve powerful handguns have been stolen from an Army base.
The SIG Sauer 9mm firearms, like the ones used by Jack Bauer in TV thriller 24, went missing in a shocking security lapse.

The mini arsenal of pistols disappeared at a training exercise. A source said: “This is a humiliating security blunder – Army top brass are absolutely livid. They have really tried to hush it up.”

The weapons, standard issue to all forces, belonged to 1 Royal Horse Artillery, based at Assaye Barracks, in Tidworth, Wiltshire.

An urgent investigation is being headed by the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police.

The MoD last night confirmed 11 of the guns have been found at a house by Thames Valley Police. A serving soldier has been arrested and is in military custody.

The source added: “It’s ironic the remaining gun, to be used to protect the country, may be used to terrorise and kill Brits.”

Sun security adviser Andy McNab said the weapon is highly dangerous in the wrong hands. The SAS hero added: “For gangsters, it is a huge status weapon.”

The SIG Sauer, which actor Kiefer Sutherland uses as Bauer, replaced the ageing Browning for Brit troops two years ago.

Source: The Sun