Friday, November 07, 2008

Britain has some of the best military kit and equipment in the world a leading defence author and highly decorated SAS soldier has told an audience in Birmingham.

Speaking at book signing at a Waterstones in Birmingham, Andy McNab, a former member of the SAS heaped praise on the MoD for the job it was doing and the support it was giving to troops in the field.

He waved off suggestions that kit was inefficient or outdated, calling it among the best in the world. McNabb noted that the US Army is buying kit from Britain due to its high rate of performance and protection.

Using the example of the new Osprey body armour, McNab told the audience that he saw a soldier hit by a 50 calibre round and survive with the only injuries being broken ribs.

In a discussion that was far ranging and touched on a number of subjects, McNab was generally positive towards his former employer. He expressed confidence in the new Defence Secretary John Hutton, calling him ” a good lad” and said that the press office and PR teams within the MoD were “very good.”

His best praise however was for the medical treatment in Afghanistan. Responding to a question from the audience about treatments, he said that Camp Bastion was now one of the leading trauma centres in the world. When servicemen are wounded in the field an immediate response team is deployed to scene in a Chinook helicopter. On the flight back to Camp Bastion, the team begins performing the necessary surgeries to save the person’s life. Starting the surgeries and treatment regimes earlier has saved many lives and prevented more extensive injuries from developing according to McNab. Trauma specialists from around the world are studying Camp Bastion’s example.

Source: Defence Management

Kind of remarkable with the SAS chief quitting because of poor kit being all over the news in the last week. Perhaps we’ll get to learn the truth sometime. But likely not.