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“British soldiers are better equipped and in better shape than at any time in the history of modern warfare”, according to SAS hero Andy McNab.

While doom merchants claim our troops’ morale has been sapped by the amount of British blood spilled in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bravo Two Zero legend says the truth is that our infantrymen are chomping at the bit to fight for their country.

He also launches a withering attack on the likes of Defence Secretary Des Browne, who infuriated troops by claiming some lacked the qualifications to be paid even as much as traffic wardens.

McNab, the Army’s most highly decorated serving soldier when he left the SAS, reveals that teenage infantrymen are now leading operations which 10 years ago would only have been the preserve of special forces soldiers such as himself.

“The infantry now is without doubt the best it has ever been in its history,” said McNab, 48, who became a national hero after surviving capture and six weeks’ torture in Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War.

“These are facts. If you look at a 20-year-old rifleman running around in Basra or Kandahar, they are seeing more contacts than their grandads did in the Second World War.”

Two years ago McNab, whose bravery in a 17-year career saw him awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the Military Medal, criticised the Army for being “overstretched and undervalued”.

But after seeing our troops in action for a new TV series, he has changed his opinion. McNab discovered the US Marines are so impressed with the machine guns and radios being used by our forces that they are buying them from the Ministry of Defence.

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