Well….let’s see how Andy feels when his lady wears her pair of running sneakers with her evening dress – but ok, I will take the ‘one pair’ as a statement that women have the tendency to have way too many pairs – in the eyes of men 😉

The context? An article in The Sun by Martin Phillips:

Have you got true male skills?

An American magazine has come up with a list of 75 Skills Every Man Should Master. But in today’s politically correct climate, what do women really want of their ideal fella – and what would men look for in their perfect partner?

Here’s our scorecard to see how you rate on your other half’s wish-list – together with the views of two star Sun writers.

Andy McNab says:

There’s plenty of stuff men can do already, like put up shelves and unblock a sink. That’s our domain.

There’s other stuff we SHOULD do for an easier life, such as remembering birthdays and knowing our partner’s clothes sizes.

Then there’s the stuff we CAN do but it suits us not to – like lifting the loo seat or hanging up towels.

But cleaning the loo or using the washing machine are things we should do once – so badly that we are never asked to do it again.

And please note that men can NEVER ask for directions, watch any sport dispassionately or fail to extract the maximum sympathy from any illness.

And we can never accept the need for more than one pair of shoes!

So Andy is invited to come over to unblock my sink anytime, but he’s not allowed to use the bathroom :-p

You can read the full article in The Sun here

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