I would say it myself, but it’s been said so much better by friend of GML ‘Camban’ that it’s best to just share what he wrote on another forum:
‘Well, that’s it then. It has been announced that McNab is planning to vote Conservative at the next general election. A bunch of Old Etonian half wits who just want the top jobs for no discernable reason, with no trace of experience or skill between them it’s a terrifying prospect. And people are stupid enough to vote for them, including, it seems, our working class squaddie foundling. Oh the corrupting influence of fame and fortune, the distortion of perspective it brings. Probably no coincidence that the paper he is a columnist for also supports that bunch of work-shy toffs, couldn’t contemplate the loss of income should he remain true to his roots, or even common sense. Will still read his books though, only buying used from now on, hah! that’s cost ya already! Unless of course Nick Stone morphs into some kind of Martini quaffing, tuxedo wearing, babe magnet, now that the author has joined the ranks of pseudo toffery; sad that.’

Sorry, Andy, but that’s how a lot of your fans see it. For more on Andy McNab’s politics, check out his columns in The Sun.