September 8, 2009 by BNP News
BNP Leader Announces Fundraising Effort for Ex-Soldiers

The British National Party will soon be launching an online auction of two autographed books by well-known military author Andy McNab to raise funds for the organisation “Help for Heroes.”

This announcement was made last weekend by BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP, who was speaking at a South Shropshire BNP fundraising dinner. “It is a disgrace that there are so many ex-servicemen who are homeless,” Mr Griffin told the packed establishment. “The present government is quite happy to use these young people in their illegal and immoral wars but when they are done, these same young men are cast aside,” he said. (…)

 The BNP leader then produced two large hardcover books: Brute Force and Seven Troop, written by well-known author Andy McNab. Both books had been signed by Mr McNab and were specifically endorsed for the organisation Help for Heroes. “These books will shortly be auctioned online by the BNP and all the funds raised will go to Help for Heroes,” Mr Griffin said to great applause.

Source: BNP

Andy McNab goes after the BNP

Andy McNab has told the BNP, “give me my books back”.

The ultimatum comes after Nick Griffin announced that signed copies of Brute Force and Seven Troop would be auctioned to raise money for Help for Heroes.

McNab – ex-SAS  hardman, Gulf War veteran and best-selling author – told Nothing British,

“When someone called me to say that the BNP was using one of my books in a publicity stunt, I was sick to the stomach.

“I served with men of all colours and from many nationalities. They were all equal to me. That’s what the army teaches you.

“Nick Griffin thinks differently. He thinks the British Army should be for whites-only. He thinks heroes like Johnson Beharry, our only living VC, should be sent back to Grenada.

“He doesn’t understand that what makes the British Army great, and what makes this country great.

“It’s the way we draw together people from all around the world and give them ideals worth believing in: tolerance, fairness, decency, looking out for the little guy.

“It’s the British way of doing things

“That’s why I’ve asked for my books back. Because I don’t want anything to help the BNP promote their poisonous politics of segregation and hatred.”

Source: NothingBritish.com