Ministry of Defence News:

Celebrated former soldier turned novelist Andy McNab got a lesson in using the latest weapon to ‘pack a punch’ on operations as troops undertook their training on the Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) at the Castlemartin range in Pembrokeshire.

Members of 3 Commando Brigade, supported by the UK Training Advisory Group and Support Weapons School, got to grips with the powerful weapon which is already proving hugely effective on operations.

With a rate of fire of up to 340 rounds per minute, the Heckler & Koch GMG fires 40mm high explosive grenades up to 2,000 metres in either single shot or automatic modes. The ammunition is dual purpose, providing anti-armour and anti-personnel effects. Whilst its main use is in a tripod-mounted role from the ground, it can also be mounted on several in-service vehicles, including the Landrover Weapons Mount Installation Kit and Mastiff.

McNab, who has fired a number of powerful weapons in his career, took part in the training session and put the GMG through its paces. He said:

“Grenades have a tremendous force but, historically, using them has put troops’ lives at risk because of the need to be close to the target. Now imagine pumping out 340 grenades at the enemy from almost 2,000 metres away? The accuracy and range this state-of-the-art kit gives our boys is amazing.”

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