June 21st, 2009

From the Food for Heroes website:

Food for Heroes is the work from a group of friends who were serving together at RAF Aldergrove in Northern Ireland.  With a number of us having recently returned from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, the work that a newly formed charity “Help for Heroes” was trying to do truly struck a chord with us. 

The result is the book “Food for Heroes”, a cook book with a difference.  Over a hundred contributors list, including politicians, sporting icons, celebrities and many others, have given up their time to tell us about their Heroes and what they would feed them. All of the recipes were cooked by our team of service chefs and photographed by Military photographers.  The result is an intriguing smorgasbord of celebrity, nostalgia, bravery, humour and food which has developed into an extremely unusual cook book with a very different look and feel.

All profits from the book will benefit Help for Heroes and because of the generosity of our Publishers Accent Press and our Printers Butler, Tanner and Dennis, their profits from the book are also being donated to the charity.”

Newsmedian writes:

“If it is true that an army marches on its stomach, then what more fitting way to raise money for injured soldiers than a cook book dedicated to heroes. Profits from the Food for Heroes cook book will benefit the charity Help for Heroes, which works to provide services for wounded armed service personnel.

A hundred people were asked to nominate their hero and the dish they would cook for them, the book is the result.
Among those asked were Gordon Brown, Dame Vera Lynn, and UK war veterans.”

SAS soldier-turned-author Andy McNab said he would cook “the world’s hottest chicken curry” for his hero, pioneering Anglo-Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Mr McNab said: “I would love to cook him dinner. I reckon I would cook him the world’s hottest chicken curry, and I think he would have been gagging for it.”

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