The Sun – 22 Jun 2009

‘PM cares for SuBo more than hostages’

Gordon Brown cares more for Susan Boyle than Brits held hostage in Iraq, a furious dad claimed today.

Desperate father Graeme Moore said the PM had never called him about his son Peter who was seized in 2007.
But he was left fuming after it was revealed Mr Brown found time to check on the Britain’s Got Talent singer when she suffered with exhaustion.

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Andy was held captive in Iraq as a member of the SAS.

There have been more private contractors killed in Iraq than US soldiers.

I have spent 13 years on the board of a private security company working there. Everybody understands the risk and that’s why the pay is so high. I had one mate who was shot in both arms.

When people are kidnapped, it tends to be by criminals and they get sold as a commodity.

If you don’t get them back in the first few days – either by paying or by using force – they can be sold on to extremist groups. And then you are in trouble.

I think that is what has happened here. It must be tough for the three remaining hostages. But the Foreign Office will do everything possible to get them back.

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