The Sun
01 Jun 2010
‘Weapons’ of the peace activists

Israel claims peace activists on board a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza were armed and “set on confrontation”.
Israel released pictures of the alleged weapons today showing a selection of KITCHEN KNIVES and makeshift WOODEN CLUBS.

The United Nations Security Council has condemned yesterday’s deadly raid on the flotilla and called for an immediate investigation.

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My View
By Andy McNab

The Israeli troops who stormed the flotilla and opened fire were just part of the problem – there was no command and control from those on the ground.

No matter what the perceived threat was they should have gripped the fluid situation but they failed.

The incident, which is feared to have involved Brits including Peter Venner, Sakir Yildirim and Cliff Hanley, would have happened very quickly with much screaming and shouting.

But someone had to take a step back and control the situation. Any planned mission of stop and search or contain the flotilla instantly goes out of the window. We don’t know what the mission was. Perhaps they did want it to be a show of force, we just don’t know yet.

The Israelis will publicly maintain there was a threat but internally there will be a thorough inquiry and heads will roll.