Battle for Britain – Published: 20 Oct 2009

A WAR to stop the BNP draping itself in the Union Flag and hijacking Britain’s proud military history for propaganda is launched today – backed by livid Forces chiefs.

myView:  Leader doesn’t get UK

By Andy McNab

“It wasn’t until I got in the British Army that I started to understand what it was all about.

There was selfless commitment, courage, discipline, integrity, loyalty, respect for others. These seem old-fashioned values but they are the very things that get a young soldier to get up, run through fire and pick up his injured friend.

When I think about Nick Griffin, it angers me that he is taking the British Army and is using it to his own ends.

Griffin talks about the battle for Britain.

Well let’s have a look at it. I don’t think he realises that some of those guys flying the Hurricanes and the Spitfires across London were Sikhs, Chinese, Poles.

That’s why we won the Battle of Britain and actually as a country that is why we are so good, because we have got such a good mix and Griffin doesn’t get that.”

“In my opinion there is nothing that is British about the BNP.”

Source: The Sun