“Every one a hero … these are the 183 brave men and one woman who have given their lives in the war in Afghanistan since 2001, including 15 in the past fortnight.”

The article in the Sun:

Brown says: `We can do the job`

Gordon Brown insisted today that the British forces had the resources needed to “do the job” in Afghanistan.

Mr Brown acknowledged it had been a “sad and difficult time” for our armed forces and the country after a rising toll of deaths and injuries in recent days.

But he said that if the Taliban’s “vicious insurgency” was to be defeated, British troops must “persist” with their mission.
He told the Commons: “It has been a very difficult summer and it is not over yet.

“But if we are to deny Helmand to the Taliban in the long term; if we are to defeat this vicious insurgency and by doing so make Britain and the world a safer place, then we must persist with our operations in Afghanistan.

I am confident we are right to be in Afghanistan – that we have the strongest possible plan and we have the resources needed to do the job.”

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By Andy McNab
Sun Security Adviser

“Do NOT ever forget these faces. These troops lived and died soldiers, doing a job they loved.

It’s the job of a soldier to kill the enemy, and that means possibly getting killed in the process.

These soldiers – including one woman – knew the risks more than anyone, and yet they still put themselves in danger and carried out their tasks with their mates.

Do not pity them, they don’t want or need our pity. They deserve our respect. Let us remember them for what they were – professional soldiers.”

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