The Sun – 25 February 2010
By Tom Newton Dunn

Cameron: Uni site is huge

TORY leaders last night vowed to help more teens get to university.
David Cameron kicked off the campaign by backing the newly launched BestCourse4Me.com website, Britain’s first one-stop shop that tells kids what the best courses are for their ideal jobs.

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My View
By Andy McNab

SAS hero Andy McNab, who did badly at school and turned to crime before joining the Army, offers his thoughts.

“Something like BestCourse4Me.com should have been set up years ago.

If we as a state are putting this huge investment into students, and the students are putting a huge amount in themselves, they should get the right information for their future.

The information they get at the moment is fragmented.

Surely we should be trying to get the right students on to the right courses to get the best jobs.

I didn’t go to university but the whole system of education is so important. If information like this had been available to me, I would have found it a great motivator to find the right job.

For kids today to be given the truth about what is out there is incredibly empowering.”