An article in The Sun by Simon Hughes called ‘Hate Britain’ on June 19 – Andy McNab provides comment:


The latest tragic losses in Afghanistan show a worrying change of tactics by the Taliban.

They have realised they will never win in kinetic combat – going toe-to-toe against our troops.

Our infantry are too highly-trained, well equipped and have the bonus of air support.

Instead the Taliban, who have lost more than 12,000 fighters since the war began, have become more like insurgents, employing a tactic known as “scoot and shoot”.

Rather than engage our troops in gun and rocket-propelled grenade battles, they are more likely to plant roadside bombs and lie in ambush.

The change has led to the deaths of nine service personnel in ten days. It is a very disturbing trend.

Two big issues have arisen from the latest losses.


The first is that female soldiers ARE in the combat zone.

The second is the very important job being done by the Territorial Army’s special forces.

But what makes news of these deaths even harder to take is that it comes hours after hate preacher Abu Qatada was released.

As far as a lot of people are concerned he is a serious player in the group our forces are fighting in Afghanistan.

Soldiers are risking their lives every day.

Their families also live a day-to-day existence, praying not to hear of another fatality.

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