‘Exitus acta probat’ – an endless discussion, but here’s Andy’s view on the news…

Torture ruling has raised terror

By ANDY McNAB, Sun Security Expert. Published: 12 Feb 2010

Three judges forced the Foreign Office to publish secret details on Wednesday showing our security services were “complicit” in torturing former UK terror suspect Binyam Mohamed. MI5 sent an officer to Pakistan to interrogate Mohamed, who had suffered sleep deprivation and threats while he was held by the CIA, as The Sun told yesterday. Here, SAS hero and Sun security expert Andy McNab – who was tortured when he was captured in Iraq during the first Gulf War – explains why he thinks the judges’ move was wrong.

“The US security services operation is huge and stunning. Their technology and the spread of their information is remarkable. And, to be frank, we rely on it.

I don’t think there is a concern that the Americans will stop working with us at a senior level, because they understand how the judicial system works.

You have American judges releasing confidential documents as well. But there is a danger there will be a reluctance to share important information at a middle management/field officer level – and that would be worse.

The Americans on the ground might decide it is too risky to involve the Brits.

And often it is the field officers who have crucial real-time information that can prevent imminent attacks.”

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