There have been several articles in The Sun that we had not posted yet…so here’s an update…

Andy McNab in The Sun – The nations view on the threat to press (29 November 2012)

“Censorship starts as a way to protect “national security”. Then, a few years down the line, anything that could make a minister a little uncomfortable is censored.”

Andy McNab in The Sun – About burning a poppy on Rememberance Sunday (13 November 2012)

Were cops right to nick him? “Yes” says Andy McNab “Of course he should be arrested — what he did was the ultimate disrespect.”

Andy McNab in The Sun – Defence against a burglar (10 October 2012)

..remember — if you choose to have a go, you may not win. And then what? Any weapon, from a knife to a table lamp, could be grabbed off you and used against you.
The best defence against a burglar is to stop him getting in in the first place.

http:Andy McNab in The Sun – Defending Call of Duty (7 September 2012)

“Research has proven video games are actually more sociable than people think.”

Andy McNab in The Sun – Sharing Northern Island secrets (31 July 2012)

“We would identify a weakness and work on it, getting together enough information until we could get the target in front of somebody from Special Branch or the Security Service to make the pitch”