The Sun
10 November 2010

‘If ‘waterboarding’ stops terror then it’s worth it’

George Bush’s defence of “waterboarding” torture was backed by two fathers of 7/7 bombing victims yesterday.
John Taylor, whose daughter Carrie died in the 2005 atrocities, said anyone who had endured grief like his family would put their loved one’s life ahead of the human rights of terrorists.

He believes information gained from the waterboarding of suspects – such as that described by ex-US President Mr Bush in his memoirs Decision Points – should be acted on to save victims like Carrie, 24.

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My View
Sun Security Advisor Tortured By Saddam

“I WOULD happily waterboard a terrorist and take my chances in court as I know a jury wouldn’t convict me.

There is a strong argument FOR waterboarding and other forms of torture when it is a matter of tactical questioning for immediate information.

I’m not talking about long-term torturing. That’s pointless.

But if I were in a position where the President had said Yes or No to torture, I would do it – and take my chances. When lives are on the line you must do what you can to save them.”