An article in The Sun I missed last month called ‘Shot Paras ‘not told of second raid’ by Tom Newton Dunn, with comment by Andy McNab. Old news perhaps but since we’d like to show you as much as we can, here it still is…

THE nine Paras hit by friendly fire in Afghanistan last week unwittingly strayed into the sights of an Apache helicopter, an Army probe has found.

My view
By Andy McNab

“HOLLYWOOD movies give the impression war is a precise science these days. It’s not!

Technology may be better than ever, but it’s still used by humans under immense stress. Battlefields are nothing but controlled chaos.

“Friendly Fire” is as old as war itself. Every professional soldier accepts there is always room for error.

Huge effort goes into learning lessons from every such disaster. But they will only end when robots fight our wars for us — and maybe not even then.”

You can read the full article in The Sun here

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