Videojug has a number of vids on their site, this however is one big interview split up in parts.

They say: “In a fascinating interview Andy McNab talks about his personal experiences throughout his illustrious career in the SAS, from surviving torture and interrogation in Iraq, to the truth about UK special forces operations. He gives his frank opinion on the current situation in the Middle East, and talks exclusively about his latest thriller Crossfire. Definitely worth watching all of them!!

In the interview more news about Crossfire:
It’s about a whole new huge business: opium coming out of Afghanistan. Due to the war that’s going in Afghanistan, it’s very easy to get it and the crop is bigger than ever before in the history of opium production. This effects everybody and the soldiers in Basra have to deal with insurgents who are actually paid money to fight and given heroine as well, so a lot of these guys are totally out of their heads when they’re going around fighting. The drug business in Iraq and Afghanistan even effects Europe/the UK and so it becomes “all one big thing”.

One thing that made me giggle was in the video “Life as an author”, where they ask “Does your public persona make you a lightning rod for nut-cases?” Andy answers that his publisher does receive some weird letters, like “This is Agent X19…” I can honestly say that I’ve never written a letter to Andy’s publisher (yet, and that doesn’t necessarily exclude me from being one of the nut-cases mentioned) but I have to ask.. SixtySix??? 😉 Just kidding!!

One of the other questions was “What else is in the pipeline?” As fans we’re very very interested in that and we learn in the interview that the BBC script for the Boy Soldier film is finished and that it – hopefully – will go in production soon; that Andy is talking to the BBC about an idea for a 6 part drama series about Basra and that he’s working on a US film script about counter intelligence and – if I heard the name right (McNab still talks like the hay still has to be harvested, perhaps that’s a Dutch expression)- this should be “Echelon”. If that’s not correct I’d love to hear the right title.

Finally I’d like to mention that I had not yet heard McNab describe his books as “prediction fiction” which I think is a good definition but I know now that I would not have Andy read me my horoscope, I’d probably die of fear before all those horrible things would really happen to me.

The links to the videos:

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Life as an author


General Questions

Interrogation in Iraq

Andy McNab’s Guide to Surviving Interrogation