Article by SHS Students – 9th March 2010

Andy McNab started in the Army at the age of 16. Not only does he write novels but he also writes for well known papers such as The Sun, The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph. When he started in the Royal Green Jackets (a branch of the military) he couldn’t read or write, so he was educated there and they said “you’re not stupid, you just haven’t been educated.”

Andy McNab stayed in the infantry for 8 years and thought about going to the special air service. When he was in the SAS he spent a lot of time in Colombia stopping the exporting of Cocaine. Going all around the world he has learnt Spanish and Swahili. He never thought that his novel Bravo – two – zero would be so successful.

On Tuesday 9th March 2010, Andy McNab – the commander of bravo-two-zero – came to Stourport High School to promote his new book DropZone and luckily we had a chance to interview him. Here is a snippet of our exclusive with Andy McNab

SHS – What was it like working for the SAS?
McNab – It was great. I was an infantry soldier first. It was different because everyone calls you by your first name not your surname.

SHS – What were you put in juvenile detention for?
McNab– Breaking into some flats, we broke into the same flat 4 times so the police were expecting us.

SHS – What made you want to write books?
McNab – I didn’t really. It’s just that all the newspapers were saying that bravo-two-zero single-handedly won the war; so to stop all the rumours I wrote bravo-two-zero.

SHS – Why do you hide your identity?
McNab – Because I spent lots of time in Northern Ireland and there was a terrorist war that stopped during the 90’s. I had to go undercover in one of the main towns/cities and I lived there pretending to be someone else. We would get an Irish guy to come in and talk to us and if I show my face I potentially put him and his family at risk.

Following this report Andy McNab delivered an inspirational presentation about how books have changed his life and his life in the SAS. The hall was packed with over 400 students and teachers form 10 schools around the county. We were very fortunate to be able to conduct this interview shared the opportunity with a local radio SHS and a SHS form the Stourport Times.

Source: Stourport High School website