Andy Big BrotherLots of videos of the hijack on the official Big Brother site, here you can watch Andy introduce himself.

Also The Sun writes another article: 

Amy & Ant are McNabbed

The Sun: “Housemates Amy and Anthony were snatched from the Big Brother house by a SAS squad led by Iraq hero Andy McNab on Saturday morning.

The Sun security adviser, wearing a black balaclava to hide his identity, entered the BB compound through the gym before storming the bedroom, screaming at everyone to put their hands on their heads.

The housemates were clearly too sleepy to take the raid entirely seriously. When McNab asked Latoya what she was doing in the house, she cheekily replied: “Sleeping!” and John told the commandos his name was David.

But the smiles were wiped off the contestants’ faces when Amy and Anthony were plucked from the bedroom and forced to wear soundproof headphones and blacked-out goggles.

McNab then told the remaining housemates that his prisoners would be taken to separate locations where they will be interrogated. Everyone was given a codeword earlier this week and the first prisoner to give theirs up is in for a shock, while the tight-lipped one is in for a treat.

The stunt is a bid to boost viewing figures, which have slumped below 900,000. But if anything goes wrong, Big Brother could be in trouble.”